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Bottle of Happy Head Shampoo

Happy Head Reviews

Probably the strongest treatment around for stimulating hair growth. But at what cost? Find out, in my Happy Head reviews post.

A bottle of Regenix reviews

Regenix Reviews

Matthew McConaughey raves about its hair growth results – but does it really work? Find out, in my Regenix reviews post!

5 bottles of hair loss serum

Best Hair Growth Serum

Can a serum help your thinning hair, or even boost regrowth? Well, a serum worked for my own hair loss…and in this post, I’ll share the best ones.

Hairmax Laser Cap

HairMax Reviews

Can laser devices stop hair loss? Or do they just look hilarious?! In this HairMax reviews post, I’ll see whether laser light therapy really works.

A bottle of Aveda Invati Shampoo

Aveda Invati Reviews

You’ve probably heard of Avedi haircare before. But can their Invati range help hair loss? I’m not so sure…

Bottle of Routine Shampoo

Routine Shampoo Review

Marketed as a luxury hair care brand…but can it actually help hair growth? Find out, in my Routine shampoo review.

Virtue Shampoo Review

Meet the hair loss brand that’s both virtuous AND victorious: in my Virtue shampoo review.

Divi Hair Serum Bottle

Divi Hair Serum Review

A good hair serum not only gives you shiny, healthier hair, it can even promote hair growth! See how, in my Divi hair serum review.

Moroccanoil Bottle

Moroccanoil Review

Can argan oil stop hair loss, or even help hair growth? Well, this luxury oil seems quite promising!

Two Plantur Shampoo Bottles

Plantur 39 Reviews

Hormone changes are big hair loss triggers – especially in menopause. See how caffeine helps, in my Plantur 39 reviews.

Bottle of Scalpmed Shampoo

ScalpMED Reviews

The hair loss brand that makes crazy health claims and potentially harmful topical treatments. More warnings in my ScalpMED reviews post…

Toppik vs Caboki Bottles

Caboki vs Toppik

Sprinkling some extra hair on your head? Yep, it’s a thing! See which brand is better for hair loss: Caboki vs Toppik

caboki, toppik and bolify bottles hanging out

Best Hair Fibers

Natural fibers are a great way to cover bald spots or a thinning hairline. But which are the best hair fibers?

Caboki Shampoo Bottle

Caboki Reviews

Powders, sprays, fibers: there’s lots of ways to hide bald patches. See how Caboki can help.

Hairprin Reviews

The science-backed hair vitamins that boast of rapid hair loss prevention and new hair growth. But what do Hairprin reviews say?


Viviscal Vs Rogaine

Viviscal vs Rogaine: One’s a quick hair loss fix with bad side effects, the other’s a natural, immune-supporting supplement (but hair growth may take longer). Which would you prefer?

Bosley MD products

Bosley Reviews

See the full range of surgical and non-surgical treatments from top hair restoration brand Bosley…and whether they actually work.

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