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A Personalized Approach to Hair Loss

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Regenix is a hair loss treatment brand that’s been bigged up by celebrities – most notably, Mr Matthew McConaughey, who’s been a loyal spokesperson for their hair growth products for years.

Like many other hair thinning treatments, Regenix offers shampoos, conditioners, scalp treatments, follicle protectants and hair supplements to encourage hair growth. But the difference is, you can actually tailor your formula depending on your specific needs.

This is pretty revolutionary – as hair loss can be triggered in different people by different things. My alopecia gets worse when I’ve got high inflammation in my body, or when I’m going through a time of hormonal changes (like after pregnancy).

Regenix doesn’t offer a catch-all solution for hair loss. Instead, the company asks you to send in a sample of your hair, so a team of doctors can create a personalized formula that gets to the root cause of your condition, giving you a better chance of hair regrowth.

But does this strategy work? And is Regenix legit, or just another scam? Let’s take a look at some genuine Regenix reviews, plus the pros and cons of these thinning hair products, to find out.

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What is Regenix? How it Works

Regenix have been in the hair care industry for over 30 years. Their range of products for thinning hair includes a more tailored approach to tackling hair loss in that they ask customers to send in hair samples and answer a survey.

Regenix then creates a regimen of topical solutions that are best for that person’s needs, claiming visible results within 8 months.

Regenix doesn’t promise to miraculously regrow hair (which I like about them) but does claim to a) reduce hair thinning and b) to thicken hair. Still, with healthier hair and a more nourished scalp, you’re laying a better foundation to promote hair growth. Yay!

If you’re going for the personalized treatment plan, it’ll look like this:

Step 1: Cleansing The Scalp

Regenix will send you a starter kit of 12 customized treatments, a shampoo, a conditioner and a follicle cleanser. It also instructs you on how to send in a hair sample for analysis. The starter kit is supposed to “prepare your scalp” for the next phase: by removing dandruff, dead skin cells and excess, plus increasing blood circulation.

I personally think this step isn’t necessary – you’re just shelling out $200 for products you mightn’t actually need as you haven’t had your microanalysis yet – but perhaps that’s the cynic in me!

Step 2: Stablizing Hair Thinning

When they receive your sample in their Los Angeles lab, Regenix hair specialists will test it and send you a microanalysis report within 2–3 days. (Apparently. Customer reviews don’t reflect such a prompt service!)

You’ll also be sent your Stage 2 personalized treatment, which you use for 3 months before sending a second hair sample to the lab, so the company can check the progress of your current treatment.

Step 3: Thickening & Strengthening Hair

Based on these results, you’ll be sent another customized treatment to strengthen your hair from the roots and promote healthy hair in general.

It all sounds very scientific…and like a very tailored solution. But critics of Regenix say it’s all a scam, that they send you the same product out regardless and that their ‘hair specialists’ don’t actually have any medical qualifications.

I’ve never tried Regenix myself, so I can’t say for sure…but if you want to save a little money, maybe try the regular individual products (coming up!) or one of my top-recommended brands instead, included towards the end of this post.

Key Ingredients

Regenix products are drug-free and chemical-free, composed of natural biopharmaceutical ingredients and plant extracts. These include, across the range: essential oils such as sandalwood, jasmine, chamomile & tea tree oil, moisturizing ingredients like argan oil, apple extract & citrus fruits, plus essential proteins & amino acids to protect and nourish the scalp.

The plant-based treatments described in the next section are also pH balanced and hypoallergenic: so they’re said to be suitable whatever your hair type, and if you have sensitive skin.

However, it’s worth noting that there is no ingredients list available for their bespoke treatments: so if you do decide to go down this route, make sure you ask the person advising you what exactly it will contain.

Even get them to email you a full breakdown of ingredients, if you can, with their dosages – then you can check these for safety with your medical professional.

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Top Regenix Products

Although Regenix has an extensive range of products, including styling sprays and gels, I’ll focus on the best treatments for hair loss here (well, the best ones in my opinion!) But check out the Regenix website for a full list – they have options for color-treated hair, too.

The personalized option is their Starter Kit, which includes: either 1 x Moisture Balance or 1 x Pure Balance Shampoo, 1 x Deep Follicle Cleanser, 1 x Replenish Conditioner, plus 12 x vials of your specially formulated treatment.

When you fork out $249 for this kit, you’ll also be assigned a “hair specialist” and you’ll get a hair microanalysis and report when you send in a hair sample.

If you want to spend less, and still benefit from some great natural ingredients, check out these products from Regenix.

Regenix Shampoos

The Moisture Balance shampoo is designed for those with dry, damaged and chemically processed hair. Using natural oils like sandalwood, jasmine and citrus extracts, this gentle shampoo cleanses your hair without irritating your scalp.

In fact, this sulfate free shampoo is also free from parabens, phthalates, fragrances, dyes and potentially harsh chemicals. It’s also pH balanced and hypoallergenic: so it’s a great choice for sensitive scalps. (See my top sulfate-free choices in this post!)

The Pure Balance shampoo is for a different hair type: those with normal or oily hair. I actually couldn’t determine the difference between it and the Moisture Balance shampoo, however, as its ingredients are the same!

Replenish Conditioner

Again, this treatment is great for those with dry hair or chemically processed hair: because it contains deeply hydrating ingredients, like argan oil, which can strengthen hair and revitalize brittle hair. This particular argan oil gets amazing reviews.

Other important ingredients are thyme and sage – which not only smell like Christmas, but can regenerate hair follicles and help to stimulate hair growth. Nice one.

My Top Argan Oil?

Essential Scalp Protectant

A gentle cleanser that closes hair follicles back up after washing to prevent bacterial growth on the scalp. In doing so, it provides a protective layer against environmental damage and oxidative stress on the scalp, while boosting blood circulation.

That improved blood flow is thanks to witch hazel extract, which both stimulates and soothes the scalp – delivering essential nutrients to it faster, while reducing the kind of inflammation associated with hair fall.

Deep Follicle Cleanser

Hair loss can often be triggered by an unhealthy scalp environment: when there is excess product build-up, too much oil or when the scalp has been irritated by environmental factors, leading to clogged hair follicles and hair shedding.

This follicle cleaner aims to remove debris from the scalp, reducing dandruff or other scalp conditions and providing optimal conditions for healthy hair. The hair and scalp are further nourished with natural ingredients like burdock root extract, hydrolyzed soy protein, and a propriety blend of organic essential oils. Mmmm…

Can a Supplement Help Alopecia?

Sure it can! Check out my top supplement for hair loss.

Hair Vitamins

Regenix also offers 3 different kinds of supplements to reduce hair thinning and promote hair growth. The first is a B complex with amino acids for men and women: and I can say, from personal experience, that a Vitamin B deficiency means we can’t absorb all the nutrients from our food properly and can contribute to symptoms like brain fog, headaches and hair loss. 

The second is an iron supplement for women (and female hair loss is often linked to an iron deficiency). However, it’s worth noting that excess iron stores can also create problems, so check with your doctor before taking extra iron.

The final hair vitamin is a saw palmetto complex for men. Saw palmetto extract is a natural DHT blocker: and DHT is the hormone most commonly associated with androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern baldness. Popular hair loss treatments include this special ingredient for that reason.

You could get 2 out of the 3 hair vitamins if you like: but I’d recommend an all-encompassing hair supplement like Folexin instead. It includes all of the above ingredients, is for all genders and would run cheaper than taking a bunch of different vitamins every month to treat thinning hair.

Lady Alopecia readers love Folexin and I’ve written a full post about it below, if you’re interested!

folexin supplements

Customer Reviews

Regenix gets 3.4 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot, which isn’t too bad. Although the positive reviews said they noticed a reduction in hair loss, and a few talked about their hair looking thicker, the negative reviews don’t give me a great vibe about this brand.

Similar to brands like ScalpMed or Shapiro MD, people have had a lot of trouble with customer service and with receiving refunds. One even mentioned they got a personalized treatment which actually made their hair thinning worse. Yikes.

And although initial results sound promising, the company keeps increasing the price with their next recommended treatment – so it’s easy to get sucked in and to spend a fortune while you’re at it.

Plus, although Regenix says their treatments are “rooted in science”, they don’t offer any proof or clinical trials showing how these treatments work, or even what ingredients are contained in the bespoke treatments. Dodgy, methinks.

The final concern I have is about those positive reviews…are they legit? As one negative review mentioned, the majority of glowing 5-star ones were written between 2 days: February 7th and February 14th, 2019. Which indicates that perhaps they were faked. Hmmm….

The Good

I’ve been using the products for about 60 days. I noticed a difference immediately and now see previously visible scalp areas narrowing or covered. I thought maybe I was just not accurately self assessing, but now three different family members have said “your hair is thicker”! It’s only been a couple of months so I’m excited to see what a year will look like. My self confidence has shot through the roof. Hopefully this will continue. Expensive in phase two, $850 for three months but, to me, how much is self esteem worth?

– R.C, via Trustpilot

The Bad

They initially bring you in with a lower investment package of products. Just like many of these snake oils, you start to see some blond peach fuzz and so you send in a hair sample and then the next 90 days is $1,000. They tell you to make sure you’re using your fingertips and massaging the scalp for it to work…and you want to see it through and hope it works so you spend another $1,000 and they adjust the formula further and again and again. I can say after a year it shows minimal results; you’ll get the same results for much less from a product like Nioxin. This is a multi-billion dollar business preying on hair loss. Don’t get reeled in.

– Drew, via Trustpilot

Side Effects: Is Regenix Safe?

Although I couldn’t find any associated physical, side effects from using Regenix, it’s worth noting that even all-natural products can trigger reactions in those with certain allergies or excesses of ingredients like biotin or iron. Always check with your doctor to be sure before embarking on a new hair care regime.

The main side effect might be damage to your wallet (!!), the stress of having false hopes dashed, plus a lack of effectiveness. After all, Regenix treatments also aren’t really recommended for those with a bald head – they’re more for those with lightly thinning hair or those looking for thicker hair.

So I’d recommend a brand like Vegamour or Nioxin (descriptions below) if you have more extensive alopecia and want to stimulate hair growth. Or even trying something like laser light therapy if you can afford it: see my HairMax review to learn about that.

Alternatives to Regenix

If you’re as dubious as I am about this brand, having read more of the reviews around it, I’d recommend trying one of these trusted brands instead. All of which I’ve tried and tested myself and have seen new hair growth as a result!

1. Revita

Revita, from the brand DS Labs, is my favorite shampoo and conditioner for thinning hair. These products stopped my hair shedding after just a few weeks, thickened my existing hair and dramatically improved its texture…without any nasty side effects. Revita is pretty affordable and their customer service has always been fantastic, in my experience.

Revita shampoo bottle

2. Vegamour

These products really helped me out when I was pregnant and also when I experienced postpartum hair loss. After just a couple of weeks, I saw peachy fuzz return to my bald head for the first time in several months. Their eyebrow serum also helped grow my eyebrow back after 2 months. Although it’s a pretty expensive option, I’d still highly recommend this brand.

Vegamour gro shampoo

3. Nioxin

Although Nioxin contains sulfates, I still think it’s a brilliant treatment for hair growth, as it worked for me! It gave me complete regrowth within 3 months and although nowadays I prefer more natural products, I’m often tempted to try it again (and to stick with it for longer!)

Due to the sulfates it contains, Nioxin mightn’t be a suitable choice for everyone…but have a look at my full review to see whether it’s something you’d like to try.

Pros & Cons

There’s a lot of things that make Regenix sound attractive – but be discerning, and remember there’s a big downside to consider!

Regenix Pros

  • Natural ingredients
  • Chemical & drug-free formula
  • Suitable for pregancy and breastfeeding
  • Color-safe & suitable for all hair types
  • Personalized service

Regenix Cons

  • Unknown ingredients in bespoke treatments
  • No scientific evidence to prove it works
  • Fake reviews
  • Very expensive…and gets more expensive as you go on
  • Better for thinning hair rather than hair loss
  • Some medications may interfere with its effectiveness

Common Questions

Can I use Regenix with other hair loss treatments?

Yes, the company states that Regenix can be used alongside other topical treatments, like minoxidil or finasteride. However, I’d be wary of the side effects of these treatments: so either use Regenix on its own, or with a more natural hair growth product like Revita.

How much does Regenix cost?

It doesn’t come cheap! The starter kit (consisting of 12 x vials of your personalized formula, a shampoo, conditioner and follicle cleanser) costs a whopping $249 on Regenix’s website.

But the company claims it should last you up to 3 months…so at least that’s something. And the individual products aren’t that bad: the moisture balance shampoo, for instance, costs $27.

How to use Regenix

If you’re getting the premade treatments, just follow the instructions on the bottle. If you’re getting a personalized treatment, Regenix recommends using one vial 3 times a week.

Where can I buy Regenix?

Currently, all products are only available through the Regenix website. They offer worldwide shipping, although shipping rates will vary depending on your location.

Final Thoughts: Not Exactly Legit!

On paper, Regenix sounds fantastic. A personalized approach to target hair loss, based on the actual samples you send in, with reports on your progress and a follow-up treatment to keep you on the right track… Sounds amazing, right?! Hmm, I’m not so sure.

Because even though no two scalps are the same and we might need different treatments to address our different hair loss triggers, the negative Regenix reviews I’ve read cause me to take pause.

Especially when I read that there’s no way of knowing what’s in those individual treatments…blind faith and snake oil, anyone?!

I worry that Regenix is just another big brand preying on people’s vulnerabilities, and using their love of certain hunky Hollywood actors to sell in their products further!

But, admittedly, I’ve never actually tried these products for myself. Maybe they really are as great as they sound. So I’d love to hear from anyone who has tried Regenix. Did you get the level of personalized attention they promise? Any customer service issues? And, most importantly, did Regenix work for you?

Get sharing below! And even if you’ve never used Regenix, your feedback and comments are always welcome. I hope this Regenix review has proved helpful either way.

Love & hugs,

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  1. Their website says 100% natural – yet they list their own ingredients right on their own website. There are several ingredients that they list that are not 100% natural. Either they are idiots – or they think we are. Furthermore, their tailored “biopharmaceutical” scalp treatments have lots of isopropyl alcohol in them – which is NOT something you want sitting on your scalp.

    1. Thanks Logan and you’re right, upon further scrutiny, some of the ingredients are far from natural. I noticed the inclusion of sodium olefin sulfonate – which can cause skin irritation or acne, especially for those with sensitive scalps. And as you mention, the inclusion of isopropyl alcohol could be damaging, too (potentially stripping the scalp of natural oils/drying out the hair). Thanks for taking the time to share! Emma / Lady Alopecia

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