Yoga for Alopecia

Yoga changed my life. So I started teaching it. Then I created the first-ever yoga for alopecia course, to help my fellow baldies find peace!

Can Yoga Cure Hair Loss?

Unfortunately, there’s no miracle cure for alopecia. But yoga CAN change your relationship with hair loss, a lot.

yoga for alopecia

How does yoga help hair loss? Research shows yoga lowers chronic stress and inflammation – factors that can trigger hair loss, or stop hair growing back. 

So Less Stress = More Hair Growth. From personal experience, I know this to be true.

Why I Created It

I designed this course specifically for people undergoing the trauma of hair loss – because I’ve been there myself! I’ve had alopecia on and off for over 20 years. But I shaved my remaining hair off in 2015 – and I’ve never been happier.

Yoga and mindfulness helped me accept my alopecia, deal with anxiety and find joy – even in my baldness! So yoga may not cause miraculous regrowth but it WILL help you live with more ease, and self-love.

Yoga for alopecia headstand

About your teacher: Emma

Hi, I’m Emma. Founder of “Lady Alopecia” (my baldie brand) and “Om With Em” (my yogi brand). I’ve practised yoga for 15 years – and have taught both yoga and meditation for the past 4 years, in my adopted home of Hoi An, Vietnam.

Yoga and meditation have helped me through times of acute stress, anxiety and depression in the past. While mindfulness helps me stay grounded in the present. So whatever’s going on in the outside world, I can come back to myself, and find peace in my breath.

My aim for this course is to help you do the same! I truly believe yoga has the power to heal and transform – and I’m here to share this magical practice with you.

Courses & Qualifications:
  • 100-hour : Prenatal Yoga & Mindfulness for Pregnancy/Childbirth Training: 2021

What's involved?

Gentle Yoga

A mix of Hatha, Flow and Yin yoga, for all levels – to reduce inflammation, lower stress and increase nutrients to the scalp. Includes access to 15-minute sequences, plus a weekly 75-minute class (pre-recorded).

Guided Meditations

Find connection again with your breath and your body – to feel comfortable in yourself, just as you are. Enjoy calming recorded meditations to learn how your mind works and find more space between your thoughts.

Mindfulness Tools

Practise healing writing prompts, affirmations and habit releasers to live with more awareness and compassion. See how 4 weeks of mindfulness can transform your career, your relationships, your mood…and yep, your hair!

Breathing Exercises

Pranayama is the Sanskrit word for “extending life force energy”. Using special breathing techniques, learn to calm down your nervous system, reduce stress and inflammation and fill yourself up with positive energy.

Alopecia Advice

A weekly nugget around managing hair loss – the natural way. Includes DIY hair masks, immune-boosting recipes (with hair growth ingredients), plus inspirational stories. It’s alopecia advice: from one baldie to another!

Community Support

A 1-to-1, 30-minute Zoom consultation, plus access to a private Facebook group to connect with a like-minded community, share experiences and support each other – during and after the course.

Your Weekly Schedule Includes…

How does it work?

Weekly Email

I’ll email you at the start of the week with your meditation, breathing exercise, affirmation and habit-releaser. Practise these mindfulness tools daily if possible – ideally, for 15–20 minutes in the morning.

Weekend Class

Practise your 75-minute class in your own time (ideally on a weekend, before you get Sunday’s email). Each themed class includes meditation, breathwork and uplifting yoga to help you feel great! 

All-Access Pass

I’ll upload all class recordings and exercises to your private platform of yoga for alopecia videos, which also includes: bonus short sequences for morning and evening, plus a relaxing Yoga Nidra session to help you sleep.

10 Proven Benefits of Yoga & Mindfulness

Start by reading what my previous course participants had to say – and how we used yoga and mindfulness to feel better about our alopecia! Then check out more benefits below…

Wanna enjoy these mental and physical health benefits? Now’s your chance!

Interested but want to know more about me, or about the course? Ask away!

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