Yoga for Alopecia Online Course


Enjoy at your own pace…

4 weeks of mindfulness, movement and meditation – to help you stop shedding hair and start gaining acceptance. Yoga may not magically grow your hair back. But it will help you find peace, joy, even love, in yourself – just as you are. Enjoy all the benefits of yoga at your own pace, in your own home.


An extra-special 4-week course, designed exclusively for people with alopecia and hair loss. So if you’re stressed or anxious, if you’re feeling overwhelmed or suffering from low self-esteem, this course will help you get to a better place.

Start feeling good physically – and trust me, the mental/emotional benefits will follow. 🙂

As a long-term alopecian, yoga is what helped me come to terms with hair loss for the very first time. It showed me how much my body has to offer – it’s a miracle I can move, and breathe! – and to be grateful for my health.

Yoga and Mindfulness are tools I turn to in times of acute stress. Plus, they help me avoid chronic stress with breathing exercises, awareness meditations and a grounding physical practice.

Course includes:

  • Weekly guided meditations, writing prompts, breathing exercises & affirmations
  • Weekly pre-recorded yoga class (75 mins)
  • 1-2-1 30-minute consultation
  • Exclusive access to a platform of calming yoga sequences, meditations & breathing exercises
  • Tips on coping with stress & living with alopecia
  • Lifetime access to a FB group to share experiences in yoga & alopecia


You know what? Thanks to yoga, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been – even without hair – and you can be, too! See how much better you can feel in just 4 weeks. And take a journey into better health… with me as your bald guide.

P.S. If you want to know more, check out this recap and testimonials from the last course. 


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