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My Favourite Products

Here’s where you’ll find the treatments I’ve had, the products I’ve loved, or the stuff I’d like to try for hair loss. Plus, what I use to change up my bald look some days. 😉

My Top Alopecia Shampoo


Let me introduce you to my favourite shampoo for hair loss. My favourite brand, really.

My Next Favourite Shampoo


See what I think about the best-selling hair loss shampoo. A little more controversial, but it’s proven to be pretty effective at regrowing hair!

Crack Out The Snail Eggs



Aloe Vera

This green goddess of a plant is incredibly versatile. Eat it to help with digestion, rub it onto cuts to prevent scarring and apply it to sunburn to cool off.

Oh, and it can help your alopecia, too! Learn more in this post.

Neem Oil

Another one of Mother Nature’s gifts, neem oil for hair growth is no new concept in the East – it’s been used in ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Here’s why…


It’s not just the best flavour of toothpaste.

Meet one of my favourite natural remedies. Peppermint oil for hair growth might be better than minoxidil – without bad effects!

Argan Oil

There’s lots of things to love about Morocco. The colourful riads, the hectic souks and the tasty tagines, for starters. But one of Morocco’s greatest gifts is argan oil. 

Wrap It Up Pretty


Available in lightweight bamboo and 100% silk materials, check out my full range of Lady Alopecia headscarves on Etsy. For days when you don’t want to rock your patches out. Especially hot ‘n’ sunny ones!