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Are you a spontaneous shopper? Or do you research each product before you buy? (How very responsible of you – then you’ll appreciate these Nioxin reviews!)

Me? I have an impulsive shopping streak. And I tend to believe in whatever miracles brands promise to deliver. (As a copywriter, I should know better!)

It’s usually harmless. Fine, so that lipstick didn’t turn me into Angelina Jolie. So what? I never really believed it would.

But when it comes to hair loss treatments, you’ve got more to lose. You could put all your confidence in a product, investing time, money and hope… only to be sorely disappointed. Maybe even shedding more strands as a result. 

LA Says: During my many years as an alopecian, I’ve tried countless “miracle cures”. And I’ve learned to avoid trusting every product that claims miraculous regrowth. To do my research first. And to know what’s involved before I commit.

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Hence My Honest Nioxin Reviews from 2024

I want to help those with thinning locks, alopecia areata, or other forms of hair loss find a solution that’s tried, tested and trusted.

By someone who knows what she’s talking about. Who’s actually used the products herself and who has seen success with them. (That’s me – Lady Alopecia!)

There I am, with my Nioxin.

What Is Nioxin?

If you’ve never heard of Nioxin Research Laboratories before, they’re not an organisation from Stranger Things. They’re considerably less evil (even though Proctor and Gamble have been at the helm since 2008 – think of them what you will).

The company comes from good roots. Long story short, a woman called Eva Graham experienced alopecia after giving birth to her daughter. She couldn’t find a decent natural solution on the market – so she decided to make her own.

Eva used $500 and a dream to experiment with herbs and botanicals, eventually linking in with biologists, pharmacologists and dermatologists. Thanks to her smarts and skills, Nioxin for men and women became a big deal. 

And although the company has reputedly changed its formula since P&G’s takeover (it now contain sulfates) and has moved operations from the US to Mexico, it’s still one of the leading brands in the hair loss shampoo market. 

Well, that’s what the Nioxin reviews imply.

It also maintains the same premise as when it began: “Scalp Hair Creates Hair Health.”

LA Says: That’s a super-quick overview of the business behind the bottles. But if you want to read more about the company’s background, check out this post.

6 Benefits Of Using Nioxin

Before I get stuck into what these products can do, let me highlight what they can’t do. They will not miraculously regrow hair overnight. (Sorry. But there are no quick fixes here.)

In fact, unlike many other hair care brands, the company never claims to be a hair regrowth solution. Or to stop hair loss. Rather, it says that it’s “designed specifically for thinning and fine hair”. Which is true.

Using premium skincare as inspiration, these treatments:

  • Strengthen, nourish and repair thinning hair
  • Improve the health of the scalp – and the health of your mane
  • Promote thicker, fuller-looking locks
  • Reduce breakage
  • Restore moisture balance
  • Boost volume, texture and density of each ‘n’ every strand

But does Nioxin work? I can honestly say that for me, it ticked all of the above. My fine, brittle strands became thicker and healthier-looking in a matter of weeks.

If I’d had more of the stuff, I would’ve tossed it over my shoulders like all those L’Oréal ladies!

LA Says: I’m not alone in seeing great results. In fact, 89% of people who used the 3-part systems noticed a thickening effect.

*Based on a 2016 US survey, conducted by SIRS and involving 230 participants with thinning hair concerns.

How Nioxin Works

Back when Eva founded the company, she came to the following realisation: “The scalp is simply an extension of the face: it needs gentle ingredients to breathe and function correctly.”

So Nioxin’s 3-part systems contain a blend of 3 technologies – formulated to promote scalp health and to improve thinning hair in men and women.

The 3Ds of thinning hair… and what they mean

  • Density: Fewer strands indicate thinning hair. (I know. No s**t, Sherlock!) And less support from the surrounding hair can cause gaps to appear..
  • Derma: If you don’t have a healthy scalp environment, you can’t expect a healthy mane to take root
  • Diameter: Size matters. In terms of follicles, anyway. And thin, brittle strands indicate low keratin levels – plus a higher chance of breakage.

Nioxin identified these 3 danger signs and created a line of products to blast them out of the water. Their formula removes follicle-clogging sebum to foster a healthy scalp environment while boosting the volume and texture of what you already have. Yay!

Hey, that's me! On a business card! Exciting times.

Different Nioxin Systems: 1–6

Too much choice can get confusing. I get it.

And if you’re already curious about these products, you might wonder: “Which Nioxin system is right for me”? Don’t worry – let Lady Alopecia help you in your shopping quest!

See below for a summary of each 3D system, or click the individual links to read my Nioxin system reviews. I’ve also written a comparison post between 2 of the most popular options, System 1 and 2, which you can read here.

Nioxin Systems Explained:

The Nioxin Range: A Quick Look

Cleanser Shampoo

Scalp Treatment

Cleanser Shampoo

Intensive Hair Booster

Night Density Rescue

Dermbrasion Treatment

Deep Protect Density Mask

Nioxin System 2 Kit

Nioxin Reviews: My Top 8 Products

Now you know about the company and its different systems, here are the top 8 products I’d recommend – with links to further Nioxin reviews to give you the full story.

Since System 2 is the best one for my particular hair type, that’s the one I talk about here. But you can choose whatever kit you like.

LA Says:  There are pros and cons to all of these products – and customers have had very different experiences. So some of these Nioxin reviews aren’t exactly positive. But all I can say is that the treatments worked for me!!

1. Cleanser Shampoo

The first part of each 3-step system, this cleanser is possibly the most important Nioxin product you can own.

Salons have voted it their #1 Hair Thinning Shampoo and it’s scooped up the Stylist Choice Award for Favourite Fine/Thinning Hair product for 15 years (and counting.) The other brand salons favor is Keranique – but Nioxin still wins in my book, as I explain in this comparison post.

It may or may not be the best shampoo for hair growth – but people seem to love it either way and Nioxin shampoo reviews are a reflection of these positive vibes.

Oh, and it’s also an anti DHT shampoo – DHT being one of the leading causes of androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness).

You can buy it in both 10.1oz (300ml) and 33.8oz (1L) bottles as standalone products or get it in the full kit.

To use: Apply a little to wet hair, build up a nice lather and gently massage into your scalp for up to 1 minute before rinsing. The peppermint oil and white tea extract bring a cooling, tingling sensation and make a refreshing addition to your morning shower!

Cleanser Shampoo

2. Scalp Therapy Revitalizing Conditioner

Even superheroes need a sidekick from time to time. So while I really love the cleanser, it works even better when you follow it up with this creamy conditioner.

Otherwise, the shampoo alone can dry out your crowning glory. Although this usually improves after a week or two, the conditioning Nioxin scalp therapy keeps your locks nice ‘n’ nourished throughout this time.

Once again, you can buy it in a 10.1oz (300ml) bottle, as a 33.8oz (1L) bottle or in the full kit.

To use: Rub a pea-sized amount of conditioner into your scalp, and from root to tip. Leave in for up to 3 minutes before rinsing.

Scalp Therapy Revitalizing Conditioner​

3. Nioxin Scalp Treatment

The final step in your 3-part kit, this scalp and hair treatment helps the shampoo and conditioner do their job even better – by providing a much healthier foundation for them to work with.

It includes SPF15 and two trademarked technologies (BioAmp and Glyco-Shield), to protect your scalp from environmental damage while giving it some added moisture.

It feels really cool on your scalp, too – good for hot-headed types! Any downsides? Well, the 6.7oz (200ml) bottle is pretty expensive. You’d be better off trying it out in the 3-part kit instead.

To use: If you’ve got some hair to work with, use a comb or your fingers to separate it into sections before spraying the treatment into each area. Rub it in and leave it to work its magic without rinsing.

Nioxin Scalp Treatment

4. Intensive Therapy Hair Booster

Designed for progressed thinning hair, this treatment works on specific areas of concern – like a receding hairline or thinning crown. So if you’re looking for a product to make hair thicker, it makes a great add-on to your System 2, 4 or 6 kits.

It isn’t part of any 3-step system, but I’d still highly recommend it. My hairdresser friend (who originally recommended Nioxin to me) told me that it’d be like my secret weapon. And she was right.

Not only did it add volume to the little hair I already had, but it also acted as a styling mousse – making my short curls soft and springy, and my attempt at a mohawk look more like a style choice.

I had been using wax and styling gel before trying this product and noticed how the harsh chemicals seemed to be doing more damage than they were worth. So I was relieved to find a more gentle styling alternative.

Plus, the booster forms a protective barrier against cuticle damage. (Pretty and protective? Yes, please!) And even though the 3.38oz (100ml) bottle is a little on the pricey side, it lasts for ages.

Intensive Therapy Hair Booster

5. Night Density Rescue

Another standalone product, the Night Density Rescue treatment looks like something out of a Bond film.

Its slick blue bottle and glass pipette is another weapon in your hair care arsenal. A scientific gadget that you’ll have at your disposal, whenever you need it.

Making use of NIOXYDINE24 technology (a blend of antioxidants to neutralise free radicals on the scalp), this leave-in treatment can reduce hair fall associated with scalp surface oxidation in 3 months. Good job.

Did it work for me? It’s hard to say. Since I used it in conjunction with all the other products, I don’t know if any single product helped my hair grow back. But together, they did!

To use: Using the pipette to divide your hair, apply one drop every couple of centimetres. Next, gently massage the solution into the entire scalp, moving your fingers in a circular motion. Finish by gently brushing your hair, then have sweet dreams as the Night Density Rescue works its magic.

Night Density Rescue Serum

6. Dermabrasion Treatment

I think this might be my favourite Nioxin product. Because I saw instant results!

It feels like a facial for the scalp. You apply the exfoliator to regenerate and revitalise scalp skin, just like you’d use an anti-ageing treatment for the face.

The aim of this treatment is to remove build-up on the scalp and it’s a pretty fun process to watch – some people might be grossed out by the sight of dead skin falling away but I was fascinated!

To use: Apply every 4–6 weeks to dry, unwashed hair. Spread the treatment in thin lines, following a grid-like pattern across the scalp. Leave it on for 10 minutes and rinse well (watching in awe as your dead skin flakes away) before following up with your 3D-care system.

Dermabrasion Treatment​

7. Deep Protect Density Masque/Mask

Here’s another product that you don’t need to use regularly, but that can give your hair a powerful boost when you do.

One of the problems with living in a modern world of traffic, pollution and an ever more messed-up climate is that our bodies simply aren’t used to these external stresses.

We wind up with immune and respiratory problems. With stress and anxiety. And with poor skin, brittle nails and dried-out, lifeless hair.

Now, a hair masque clearly isn’t going to solve many of these issues. But it can improve the condition of your hair!

Deeply conditioning and nourishing, the mask provides your head with much-needed moisture while strengthening each hair shaft against further damage and breakage. Nice one.

To use: I recommend using this once a week if you have normal hair, twice a week if you have very dry, brittle hair and every fortnight if you have oily hair. After rinsing your Nioxin shampoo and conditioner, apply the mask to damp hair and leave it in for up to 5 minutes before rinsing.

Deep Protect Density Masque/Mask

8. Nioxin System 2 kit

This is the kit that’s best for my hair type – normal with progressed thinning. It contains one cleanser, one conditioner and one scalp and hair treatment, all of which make up the 3D, 3-Step Treatment Plan that I outlined above.

Read more about the full benefits of Nioxin System 2 or read on to see which system might be the best choice for you.

The recent Nioxin reviews I’ve read about this system are glowing.

They emphasise that the products will not regrow hair (like say, Rogaine or Propecia). But they do promote a much healthier scalp, which in turn can lead to regeneration of the skin cells and new hair to take root. (A process which takes time. Patience, my friend.)

It’s also worth noting that if you order from Amazon, make sure you check reviews for that particular supplier. Some suppliers have been reported to send out trial-size kits while charging customers for the full system. So do your research first!

To use: Follow Steps 1–3 from the “How to use Nioxin” section and stick with the system for at least 3 months. 6+ months is what the manufacturer recommends.

Nioxin System 2 kit​

Emma with two nioxin system bottles
Which one to choose?!

Nioxin Buyer’s Guide

Which Nioxin System Is Right For Me?

Good question. You’re going to be investing a lot of time and money in Nioxin so you want to invest in the best product. Right? Right.

But the best Nioxin system for hair loss will change from person to person.

So before you buy, consider the following factors:

1. Hair Type

We’re all built differently. And one solution won’t fit all. Luckily, you’ve got 6 solutions to help you decide which Nioxin to use!

Some depend on the amount of shedding you’re experiencing, while others depend on your hair type.

  • If you’ve got natural locks, narrow your search to Systems 1 and 2. 
  • Like to dye your hair? Then you’re looking at System 3 and 4.
  • If you have a perm, or if you straighten or curl your hair regularly, you fall into the “chemically treated” category. In which case, try System 5 or 6.

2. Extent of Loss

Some of us shed more than others. So if you’re only experiencing a little hair fall, there’s no need to go in with the most powerful treatment. Stick to Systems 1, 3 or 5 if that’s the case.

If your loss is more extensive, choose between Systems 2, 4 and 6. Use the recommendations under “Hair Type” above to help you make your final decision.

3. Price

Price is always a factor. And although this brand is actually quite reasonable compared to many of its competitors, you’ll still need to invest in several products over a long period of time.

Personally, I justified the money I spent on Nioxin with the fact that I don’t spend money on hairdressers. I never go in to get my roots done, for instance. So I’ve extra cash to spend on nourishing those roots!

To save money, I’d recommend starting out with a trial kit and one or two standalone products, like the hair booster or the exfoliating treatment. You can always add to your collection later on.

Emma hugging nioxin bottles

How to Use Nioxin

Since the scalp is an extension of the face, it makes sense to give it the same care and attention. So just like a 3-step plan to cleanse, tone and moisturise the skin, Nioxin uses a 3-step system to treat the scalp.

Step 1: Cleanse​

Use the minty-smelling cleanser to rid your scalp of all that gross excess sebum, which can lead to conditions like seborrheic dermatitis. The shampoo lathers well, so you won’t need much.

Simply massage it into the scalp and from your roots to tips. (About a minute should do the trick.) Rinse.

Psst… Want to know more about this particular product? Then read my full Nioxin shampoo review here!

Step 2: Optimize

If Step 1 was like applying cleanser to your face, Step 2 is like following up with your favourite moisturiser. Because now it’s time to give your mane some much-needed moisture.

Apply a pea-sized amount of conditioner and comb it gently through your wet mop, really rubbing it into the ends. Leave it in for 2–3 minutes while you work on your shower setlist. Rinse.

Step 3: Treat

This step is like a face mist – something you use to pamper your skin, protecting it from harmful external elements. The Nioxin scalp treatment acts as a barrier to pollutants while giving your scalp added protection with some SPF.

Simply divide your towel-dried hair into sections, spray a little of this treatment into each area and comb it through with your fingers. No need to rinse.

LA Says:  If you don’t have any hair to begin with, you might feel silly rubbing all these products onto your noggin. I know I did. But even though I didn’t have any hair to rinse – just my shiny head – I still took time to massage in and lather up the shampoo, to apply the conditioner and to spray on the scalp treatment before rubbing it in. It just meant I needed less and the products lasted longer!

Other Top Nioxin Products

Now, I haven’t tried every product in the following systems. But if you want to go further in your Nioxin journey, you can choose from the following…

1. Intensive Care Range

I’ve already mentioned the masque/mask, the hair booster and the night density rescue treatment from this range. But these products are worth a try, too:

  • 3D Intensive Diaboost: (aka Diamax): Similar to the hair booster, only even more focused on increasing each strand’s density for an instantly full effect.
  • Density Defend: A leave-in strengthening foam designed specifically for coloured hair, to give added protection and vibrancy.
  • Recharging Complex: Is there a Nioxin pill? Yes, there is! The biotin and zinc in this formula promote healthy hair, skin and nails. Yay!

2. Advanced Thinning Product Collection

The 4 products in this line include a cleanser and conditioner, plus two different treatments for men and women.


In regards to the shampoo and conditioner within this line, they don’t appear to be all that different to the ones in the usual 3D system. But feel free to try them out and tell me otherwise! 

3. 3D Styling Range

I haven’t used any of these products as for me, the booster was enough to style my short supply of strands! But Nioxin does offer thickening gels, strong hold sprays, definition creams and much more.

All of which are really good value – so if you’re into experimenting with funky new styles, they’re worth checking out!

Emma rocking her flopping mohawk haircut
Styles like this, perhaps.

Nioxin Ingredients: What’s Involved?

If you’re a cautious buyer, you won’t want to go slapping all these treatments on your scalp without knowing what’s actually in them. It’s good to check.

Nioxin contains natural ingredients like white tea extract and peppermint oil, a whole bunch of B vitamins, plus other antioxidants, amino acids and botanicals to promote hair growth.

Here’s my full breakdown of the technologies and active ingredients used in Nioxin products.

It’s worth noting that since P&G took over, the formula has changed a little. Now it contains sulfates, which are commonly viewed as harmful for the hair – however, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim.

Still, if you’d like a more natural option, Pura D’Or is a sulfate free shampoo that’s great for thinning hair. Or Nioxin’s main competitor, Keranique, is also sulfate and parabe-free: see my full comparison post between the two brands here. Or check out my top sulfate free shampoos here!

Are There Any Side Effects?​

Well, yes actually. There are. Some are nice and pleasant, others are a little more uncomfortable. Most are totally normal, especially when compared to the effects you might get from a treatment like Rogaine.

The Nioxin reactions you can expect are:

  • A cooling, tingling sensation
  • Redness of the scalp
  • Irritation/Itchiness
  • Dry/brittle strands
  • Increased hair fall


Don’t worry about these side effects – they’re completely normal, simply an indication of your scalp getting used to the new treatment. That redness and tingling mean it’s working!

But in some cases, you might experience a more severe reaction – for instance, if you’re allergic to any of the active ingredients. Check out Lady Alopecia’s post on these reactions to learn more.

How Long Before I Notice Results?

Emma looking confused
How long is a piece of string?

Because we’re all different, I can’t give you a clear answer on that one. Sorry.

But personally, I had thicker, fuller hair after just 2 weeks. I noticed some white fuzz growing back after using the above 8 products for about a month and my hair grew back after 3 months of use.

Unfortunately, when I stopped using Nioxin, my hair began falling out again. Maybe I should’ve kept it up, or at least for the 6 months that the manufacturer recommends.

I’d recommend using these treatments for at least 3 months. If you don’t notice any results within this period, it might be time to give it a rest and try something else. My other fave shampoo for hair loss, incidentally, is called Revita. And it doesn’t have any bad side effects (see my full review here).

How Much Does Nioxin Cost?

Although you can get cheaper hair care products, I actually think Nioxin is really good value – especially considering that the treatments are professional salon quality and that they last for ages.

Prices range from $11 up to $50, with most ones around the $30 mark. For instance, you can get a 33.8oz (1L) bottle of cleanser for $20–$30 from Amazon. (That’s nearly half the price you’ll pay at a salon.)

And you can buy a full 3-step system for under $40 if you shop around.

Pros Of Nioxin​

Things I like

We’re almost at the end now – well done for sticking with me! So to recap, here are the top Nioxin pros… 

  • It gives you a healthier scalp, plus healthier hair
  • It protects the scalp and hair against environmental damage
  • It’s a shampoo that removes DHT, which we don’t want sticking around
  • Your strands will appear fuller, with more volume and shine
  • It’s pretty good value
  • You can find it easily online
  • Fast results – in terms of renewed vitality to your locks
Emma giving two thumbs down
Things I don't like.

Cons Of Nioxin​

Of course, there are a few cons to consider, too. Such as:

  • It can get expensive, once you buy into the full range of products
  • You’ll need to stick with it for a while to notice any “real” results (not just volumised hair, but more growth and less thinning)
  • It isn’t an entirely natural solution, like neem oil might be. Chemicals are involved. But like I said, perhaps the hype around sulfates isn’t justified after all.

Common Questions

Where Can I Buy Nioxin?

You can stock up on all these products from Amazon, from the manufacturer’s site or from your local salon.

The cheapest place to buy Nioxin might actually be your nearest large retail outlet, like Walmart. However, beware of stockists with prices that seem too good to be true. They probably are.

How Often Should I Use It?

I used it daily – some of the products twice a day – but for those with particularly sensitive scalps, it might be best to use it 3 times a week instead.

Natural shampoos and conditioners from JĀSÖN Organics are great Nioxin alternatives.

Is Nioxin Safe?

For me? Yep, totally. I only experienced a little redness and tingling when I used these products. Others, however, might have a systemic reaction to some of the botanicals in their formula.

If you experience any facial swelling or hives, discontinue use immediately and consult your GP.

Can Nioxin Cause Hair Loss?

Unfortunately, yes. That seems to be one of the immediate side effects. And it’s something I experienced, too.

But once I had shed this “dead hair” and stuck with the treatment plan, new and stronger strands did take its place. I should have taken some Nioxin “before” and “after” pics as an example… next time! 😉

Final Thoughts: Your Turn to Review Nioxin!

Hopefully, this post has provided enough detail and advice for you to make an informed decision about Nioxin. In my own experience, it’s been really effective – but I appreciate that it won’t be the same for everyone.

I’m not a doctor. Or a dermatologist. Or a trichologist (that’s a hair doctor, btw).

I’m just a lady with very little hair on her head. Who has tried countless alopecia treatments and found this one to be effective… for a while, at least.

Does Nioxin work? Well, whether or not it works for you is anyone’s guess. But give it a go, see what you think and share your experience below.

Maybe your own Nioxin reviews will help a fellow alopecian in need!

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10 responses

  1. Hello! Thank you so much for all this extensive info on nioxin products. I’d like to know why you no longer use them?
    Thank you:)

    1. Hi Alejandra, thanks for your question! So, a couple of reasons…

      1) I live in Vietnam now and it’s a little harder to source here
      2) I wanted a product that is a bit more natural as Nioxin does contain sulfates (so I started using Revita and Vegamour instead, they ship here also)
      3) Since coming to terms with my alopecia a bit more (ever since shaving my head) I stopped looking for a topical product to try and make it grow back. Yes, I use the other products to support a healthier scalp but I know this is where my hair is at (or isn’t!) right now and that’s ok. Instead, I focus more on my lifestyle and diet to lower inflammation, which seems to be working well also!

      In saying that, Nioxin did really help my hair grow back in the past and it helps many others, too…so that’s why I give it such a positive review, even though I don’t personally use it anymore.

      Hope that helps!

      Emma / Lady Alopecia xo

  2. Hi! Thank you for all of this information! I am currently using the shampoo and minoxidil solution. Is the conditioner helpful as well? Also, do you suggest using the scalp treatment or minoxidil solution, and can they be used together (or one in the morning and one at night). I also have the night density rescue, but stopped in order to try the minoxidil solution, but my scalp is now super itchy and flaky. Any tips on what routine works best? Thanks again!

    1. Hi Katelin, thanks for your question and I’m so so sorry for the late reply. I had a baby at the end of August so have been offline the past few months while I get used to motherhood! 🙂 Thank you for your patience.

      To answer your question, yes I’d definitely recommend the conditioner. Personally, I’d avoid the minoxidil solution (as it can have bad side effects, at least it did for me and your recent itchy scalp probably means it’s not great for you either). I’d choose the scalp treatment instead, which is far more gentle.

      Plus, if you use the shampoo, conditioner and scalp treatment, that’s the “3-pronged approach” Nioxin recommends as the best strategy for regrowth, so I’d go for that! You can use the night density every night or every second night. Finally, I couldn’t recommend the scalp exfoliator enough…it’s a brilliant way to get rid of that flakiness and start from a clean slate, so to speak!! 😉 I refer to it as the ‘dermabrasion treatment’ in my post but it’s since been rebranded. You only need to use to use it every few weeks, whenever you feel that build-up. So it lasts for ages!

      I hope that helps and once again, I’m really sorry for the delay.

      Have a great day!

      Emma / Lady Alopecia 🙂

  3. Hi Emma, I’ve recently developed hair fall – not breakage. The roots still attached. I have multiple autoimmune illnesses and I’m guessing there is a correlation. My doctor can’t give me an answer but I started feeling pretty bad and extremely fatigued around same time as hair fall. I’ve used nioxin and will try again but I’m more interested in essential oils and taking black cumin seed oil internally and black castor oil on my hair. Have you had any experience with any of these modalities and if so, which ones and can you impart a protocol?
    Thank you for this very helpful website.

    1. Hi Patty, thanks for your comment – and I’m sorry to hear about your recent hair fall. You’re right, there is definitely a correlation between alopecia and your autoimmune issues…typically when we have one, we’ll have multiple and they can manifest in different ways, at different times, depending on ‘triggers’. Fatigue, brain fog, gut issues, hair loss are just some of these symptoms and can often be triggered by stress, a change in environment, gut inflammation etc. I think those oils you mention are great – please note that black castor oil is quite thick though and for some people, can cause knotting…so do a test on a small area first. I’d also recommend mixing it with a couple of drops of peppermint oil and/or rosemary oil to further boost chances of growth.

      I write about these oils, and more, elsewhere on the site. Please have a look at my castor oil post, my peppermint oil one and my best oils post for further info! They go into the benefits, list my favourite products, and include a few hair mask/ DIY tips also.

      I’d also strongly recommend you read my post about nutrition, as often autoimmune disease symptoms can be reduced massively (or even eliminated!) through the foods we eat and supplements we take. For instance, my brain fog and fatigue cleared up massively when I stopped having gluten, my chronic headaches lessened when I cut out dairy and when I did a full AIP diet, I saw hair growth within a couple of weeks. I haven’t stuck to it as much as I should’ve had recently (as I’m pregnant with my first and being more liberal on the foods I eat!) but other alopecians I’ve spoken to have also reported a big improvement after eliminating certain foods. 🙂

      Thanks for your kind words, I’m so glad you find the site helpful!

      Wishing you all the very best,


  4. hi lady alopecia, i have got to ask this question. i do not mean to be rude or hateful, but just let me come to the point here. if this stuff is all that you say it is, why does your hair look the way it does on your website??

    1. Hi Rennea, thanks for your comment – and it’s a fair point! So, as I mention in the post, Nioxin did work for me a few years ago. I used it consistently for 3 months and all my hair grew back! But then a small patch appeared…and when I became more worried about it, it grew bigger, and bigger until eventually I shaved my head again. I don’t use Nioxin consistently anymore as it’s hard for me to source in Vietnam (where I live now) and anyway, I’ve come to find acceptance with my alopecia and even to enjoy my look now. Also I know that alopecia has so many different causes so one “quick fix” doesn’t exist. That’s why I’ll never say that Nioxin magically regrows hair – but it does thicken and strengthen the hair you already have (so it’s great for thinning hair), plus it provides the optimal conditions for regrowth. Of course, other treatments can do this too, such as more natural shampoos. That’s why nowadays I use ones with less chemicals like Revita (I mention that in my best shampoos post) and also use natural oils to keep the hair I have in good condition. Sometimes my patches fill in, sometimes not – alopecia is a complicated thing but my aim with this post (and this website) is to offer information about what has worked for me in the past, what I hear has worked for other people and simply to offer more nourishing alternatives to the hundreds of toxic products on the market! Does that make sense? I hope it answers your question, and thank you again for writing in!

      All the best,

      Emma/Lady Alopecia

  5. Iv just started with Alopecia 2 mths now it’s not Easy to except but reading your blogs Iv just bin out 2 day with no head band on 🤗 it woz a tad cold I can tell you that 😂gonna try the Nixon x

    1. Hi Joe,

      Thanks so much for your comment – and congratulations on going out without the headbands…that’s so exciting! Did you feel more free? I remember my first outing, I was terrified. I got a couple of stares, a few giggles but then 2 people went “Cool hair” and “Nice style!” and I felt great! I also felt much more like myself…but yes, I agree, it was definitely a little cold! 😉 Good luck with the Nioxin and let me know how you get on!!

      Emma x

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