Head scarves for cancer patients and hair loss, by a long-term alopecian.

Alopecia Head Scarves: Try a New Style!

Lady Alopecia Circle

About Happy Headscarves

After ditching uncomfortable alopecia head scarves, I started making my own! In my adopted hometown of Hoi An Vietnam, I discovered 100% organic bamboo material. Lightweight, breathable and hypoallergenic, it offered the perfect alopecia head scarf – and so the Original Bamboo Happy Headscarf was born! 

Later, I added 100% stretchy jersey cotton (which is warmer and thicker) to my collection, plus a soft cotton cheesecloth in funky prints. 

Now I match my outfits to my head scarves for hair loss: and I love my new style. And whether you need head scarves for cancer patients or like me, an alopecia head covering, I hope my Happy Headscarves can help!

About Lady Alopecia

Lady Alopecia is my alter ego: a patchy warrior who has embraced hair loss and chosen to live a bald life, boldy. (My alopecia headscarves give me coverage in hot weather or confidence when I’m not feeling brave…but typically I wear my shiny head with pride!)

I created ladyalopecia.com in 2018. It’s the advice site and community I wish I’d had when I first started losing my hair, back when I was 11.

My mission? To inform, inspire and empower fellow alopecians through their journey – and to find some adventures in hair loss.