Hair loss is scary, right?

Trust me, I know. But you're not alone.

Lady Alopecia then and now

I'm Emma, I'm an alopecian.
And I'm here to help. 

How I Can Help

I’ve been an alopecian a long time: 24 years, in fact. I consider myself a hair loss expert through lived experience. 

In terms of treatments. I’ve tried everything. There are things I’ll happily recommend…and some things I won’t. 

Having ditched the wigs, I’m also now living a happy bald life. It took a while but I got there – and I can help you get there, too.

What else?

Head Scarves for Hair Loss

I’m proud of my bald head – but some days I just want to wrap it up in a pretty scarf. So I sourced these materials to make my own.

Advice for Parents

There’s only one thing scarier than finding a bald patch on your own head: finding one on your child’s. Don’t worry, I’ve got you both covered with this downloadable quick guide. 

Yoga for Alopecia

Being an alopecian is not my day job. Teaching yoga is. And I’ve created (possibly!) the first-ever yoga course for alopecians.

Yay Friends!

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