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NEW: My Downloadable Quick Guide for Alopecia in Children

Watching a child struggle – and being powerless to stop it – is possibly the worst feeling any parent can experience. And while this 48-page downloadable guide may not regrow your kid’s hair, it WILL give you the knowledge and tools necessary to help you handle alopecia – and get through it, together.

Topics Included

What is Alopecia?

A comprehensive look at alopecia, from a gal who's had it for 20+ years.

Treatment Options

Where you can turn to for help, plus a few things you should avoid.

Living with Alopecia

How to help your child find joy, just as they are – with or without hair.

Coping Strategies

There's more to us than hair – and these strategies are a handy reminder.

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Advice from an Alopecian

Now, I’m not a doctor. And I can’t prescribe your child any miracle cures. (Which is good, because none exist.) I am, however, an alopecian. I was ten when my hair started falling out. So I’ve been there, and I can relate. This simple, understandable guide will help you, the parent, relate, too.

About the author

I started Lady Alopecia with one goal: to be a safe place where scared girls (and boys!) could go when their hair started falling out and they didn’t know what to do. 

Three years on and, now that I’m about to become a mother, I’ve started thinking about what I’d do if my own child gets alopecia. I’d probably want to be informed, and to have strategies in place to support them through it. 

In short, this is the guide I wish my own parents has read. And I hope you enjoy it!

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Only $3.99!

Why not free, you may ask? Well, Lady Alopecia is currently my hobby, not my job. It takes a lot of time to run the website and make these guides. Charging for this guide will help me keep the lights on, so to speak. And I really appreciate your support!

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