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So Your Child’s Got Alopecia? Downloadable Quick Guide


Sick of conflicting online research and “miraculous” hair regrowth stories?! No need for them anymore! I wrote this alopecia kids guide after multiple parents contacted me, concerned about their children’s hair loss. Including my own research and experience, plus tips & tricks I’ve picked up to cope with alopecia, this downloadable 48-page guide will empower you to face whatever lies ahead.


After getting numerous emails and comments from parents of young children with alopecia, I decided to condense and enhance some of my most popular content into one digestible alopecia kids guide. Print it out or read it on your favorite device; that’s up to you! Enjoy the colorful illustrations, empowering tips and support options available, from diagnosis right up until cure…and how to cope if that ‘cure’ never comes.

As a long-term alopecian, I know EXACTLY what it’s like to grow up with alopecia – and I’ve written this 48-page downloadable guide to help you and your family through this challenging time.

What’s included:

  • What alopecia is, and the physical/mental causes behind it
  • How it can affect your child’s emotional wellbeing
  • Some professionals you can turn to for help
  • Ways to manage hair loss at home
  • How to track and boost regrowth
  • Tips for normalizing alopecia (if the hair doesn’t grow back)
  • Mindfulness tools and techniques for the family


I’ve put a lotta time, energy and love into this guide – and I really hope it helps you and your child navigate your hair loss journey!

1 review for So Your Child’s Got Alopecia? Downloadable Quick Guide

  1. Rachel Schell (verified owner)

    As a new mom of a two-year old recently diagnosed this reading was invaluable. I feel much more knowledgeable about her condition and eager to try some of the tips for regrowth. Thanks Emma!

    • Lady Alopecia (verified owner)

      Dear Rachel, I’m so glad you found it useful! Thank you so much for your kind feedback and lots of love to you both. x

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