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The Magic of Moroccanoil

Even if you haven’t used Moroccanoil before, you’ve probably seen its pretty blue bottles around. It’s one of the top natural haircare brands – as both the best hair oil plus products that add softness and shine to hair. It smells amazing, too!

FYI, I don’t think there’s a miracle cure for hair loss. Especially if you’re going the natural route, which can take longer than using more chemical-heavy hair treatments.

BUT you can reduce shedding and improve your chances of regrowth by giving your scalp a little TLC. And this is something Morrocanoil treatment brings you in spades. (Not literal spades. That would be weird).

In this Moroccanoil review, I’ll share how pure argan oil (its key ingredient) can help fight the triggers of hair loss, how essential fatty acids can nourish your scalp and improve the health of your hair, plus how the right natural ingredients can promote hair growth.

Although I’ll focus on the brand’s flagship product – Moroccanoil treatment – I’ll also give a quick overview of some other Moroccan oil haircare products to see how they can give you lovely shiny hair, too!

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Moroccanoil: Top Hair Treatments

Moroccanoil Treatment

Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner

Intense Hydrating Hair Mask

What is Moroccanoil? Brand & Background

Moroccanoil offers one of the most popular argan oils on the market. And on their website, they refer to themselves as “pioneers in argan oil-infused beauty”. Ooh, confident!

Co-founder Carmel Tal came across the benefits of Moroccan oil in the same way as I’ve discovered many natural hair treatments – while traveling. She got an argan oil hair treatment, couldn’t believe how much her hair was transformed after just one use, and decided to spread the joy of this natural oil throughout the world.

Now the #1 Haircare Oil in the US, their original and bestselling Moroccanoil Treatment is a gamechanger for all hair types and for both men and women. With its Mediterranean-inspired spicy amber and sweet floral fragrance, the hair product not only revitalizes your hair – it smells wonderful, too.

A decade later, the Moroccanoil brand now includes a full line of hair, body and professional hair coloring products. One of these products is a light version of the original treatment, which is which is formulated for fine hair or paler-colored hair and especially recommended for people with white or grey hair.

The light version gets 4.8 stars out of almost 9K Amazon reviews and could be really useful if your alopecia patches are filling in with white or grey vellus hair (one of the first signs of regrowth).

Morrocanoil Original

Moroccanoil Light

Key Ingredients & Benefits

The main active ingredient which is infused across all products is antioxidant-rich argan oil. And the original hair oil, which you can apply to both dry hair and wet hair offers conditioning and styling benefits to leave every hair type feeling soft, smooth, and full of shine.

In fact, the company claims to condition and boost hair shine by up to 118%! It may be an arbitrary number, but from the high review score it gets, customers noticed a major difference in the quality of their hair after using this Moroccan oil, too.

Shine boosting vitamins like Vitamin E and fatty acids like oleic acid and linoleic acid are great for detangling your hair – making this oil treatment a perfect option for those with curly hair as it can separate your curls to add definition while avoiding the kind of regular breakage that can increase hair fall.

Also, if you tend to brush out your curly hair to make it more on the wavy side, then the treatment oil can smooth frizz for a much glossier, “I’ve just left the salon and I smell great!” result.

Linseed extract is the only other ingredient included in each pretty bottle, with even more fatty acids to improve the health of your scalp and hair. Oh, and that bottle is 100% recyclable and made of 40% post-consumer recycled glass. Good to know.

In terms of hair growth benefits, the healthier and more nourished your scalp are hair are, plus the less your hair follicles are clogged with potentially harmful chemicals, the greater your chance of hair growth. More details in the post I’ve linked to below.

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Argan Oil for Hair Loss

Honest Customer Reviews

I mentioned earlier that the lighter oil gets 4.8 stars from almost 9K reviews. Well, the original one gets 4.7 stars from over a massive 70K reviews! Not bad at all.

Those who purchase the hair oil talk about a big improvement in softness, shine, value for money and great customer service. Nearly every review comments on the amazing smell, too!

Unlike similar products that contain argan oil, this hair oil doesn’t seem to leave hair greasy or oily – rather it makes fine, curly or wavy hair soft, thick and shiny. Although there is a critical review or two that complain about the price for the bottle size, most reviews are really positive.

Here’s what else they say:

I absolutely love this product. I was worried it would make my hair greasy or too oily, but wanted to try it out on my split ends. I was so pleasantly surprised. It smells amazing and makes my hair moisturized and feeling soft and silky throughout the day. Absolutely fabulous. Not greasy or heavy in any way!

– Emily, US, May 2023

This product is such a great one for growing healthy, sleek hair. My primary purpose of this product was for use as a carrier oil, in combination with rosemary oil. As a carrier oil, it feels really nice on the hair and isn’t too thick that it clogs hair follicles and makes the hair feel heavy.

– Malachi, Australia, April 2023

My holy grail for my curly frizzy hair in humid weather. Highly recommended to all who has the same issue as I do. Very soft to the touch after applying on wet hair and blow dry, making it easier to style when needed. Best to use any argan oil-based shampoo and conditioner plus this product to enhance the result.

– Claire, Singapore, July 2022

How to Use Morrocanoil Treatment

Use the oil on wet hair or towel dried hair for deep nourishment, or even leave it in as an overnight hair mask.

You can also add a smaller amount daily to dry hair for added shine and less frizz – or rub a little into the ends to help your chosen style last longer. A little goes a long way so don’t overdo it in case you make your hair greasy or add unnecessary weight.

Remember, whether you use hair oils on wet or dry hair, just a pump or two is enough to get those soft ‘n’ silky locks you’re after. Woohoo!

Other Morrocanoil Products

If you don’t fancy using Moroccanoil treatment oil, or you fancy trying more from their product range, here are some of the most popular products on offer.

  • Moisture Repair Shampoo: A reparative, deeply moisutizing shampoo with added keratin to restore hair that’s been damaged by chemical processing, coloring or heat styling.
  • Hydrating Conditioner: For hydrated, healthy hair – but you can also get different conditioners for flat, fine hair or for frizzy hair.
  • Hair Mask: a 5-minute, deep-conditioning mask that revives hair, improving texture, elasticity and manageability.
  • Dry Scalp Treatment: A 5-minute pre-shampoo treatment to provide instant relief for dry, itchy scalps and protect against future imbalances.
  • Pure Argan Oil: Unlike the Moroccanoil Treatment, which contains other ingredients for a non-greasy formula, this hair product contains only argan oil…you can use it for both hair and skin but if using on hair, just use a small amount!

Common Questions

Where can I buy Moroccanoil?

You can purchase Moroccanoil from their website shop but Amazon seems like the best place for snapping up deals, with a great price and quick delivery. The company partnered with Amazon as of 2019 to create a shop there, so you can be guaranteed of the real deal if you purchase from their listing page.

What is Moroccanoil made of?

The product I cover in this Moroccanoil treatment review contains both argan oil and linseed extract, but you can also get the pure oil with that as the only ingredient.

Final Thoughts: Get Oily!

When I’m assessing brands for my next hair product, I tend to not only look at the products they offer or the reviews about these products – I also look at the reputation of these brands, whether or not they seem trustworthy or are just clever marketers.

Moroccanoil seem like a very likeable company; not least because of their amazing customer reviews but also because of their sustainability efforts and their partnership with Oceana: the largest international advocacy organization focused solely on ocean conservation. Their products are also certified by PETA as cruelty-free. Nice one.

If I had any hair to rub this oil treatment into, you betcha I’d be trying it first! But I’m thinking of even using it to stimulate hair growth, as a carrier oil for other hair-promoting oils like peppermint oil. It’s definitely a way to bring more love to my bald head with a daily massage!

I’m more than happy to recommend Moroccanoil treatment, for all types of hair (including no hair!) I’d love to hear your thoughts about it, if you’ve ever used it, too. Get sharing below and thanks for reading my Moroccanoil treatment review!

Love & hugs,

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  1. Moroccan Oil is heavenly. I’ve been using it for decades and always massage the remaining on my arms and chest. What a brilliant idea to use on your head. You know genius when you hear/read it.Best wishes

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