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As someone who’s had alopecia areata for over 20 years, I’ve explored a lot of options in the hopes of regrowing my hair. I’ve tried countless natural remedies and topical treatments, steroid injections and acupuncture, Western dermatologists and Eastern traditional healers.

Although some things worked temporarily, nothing did in the long-term – so I’ve learned to accept that I might just have a bald head for the rest of my life. And I’m ok with that, most of the time. (When I’m not, I wrap it up in one of my headscarves!)

But I can understand that, if you’ve started losing your hair, you might want to do whatever it takes in order to gain your hair and confidence back.

And since I know there’s plenty of snake oil peddlers out there, and that you could spend a fortune trying out new brands, one of the aims of Lady Alopecia is to provide honest and objective reviews of the big players.

Bosley has only recently come across my radar – so I haven’t tried any of their products yet. But I’ve done heaps of research into their procedures, products and Bosley reviews to assess whether this business is legit. And whether they’re worth trying out as a hair loss treatment.

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A Quick Look: Top Bosley Products

Revive Nourishing Shampoo

Revive Volumizing Conditioner

Follicle Energizer


What is Bosley? Brand & Background

Bosley might be best known for their hair transplant options – but the company offers a lot more to promote chances of hair growth. With over 45 years of experience, they know their stuff when it comes to treating brittle, weak or thin hair! And their site boasts as such: that they’re “America’s #1 Hair Restoration Experts”.

The company was created by a doctor called Dr Lee Bosley. He carried out his first hair transplant procedure in 1963, went on to sharpen his skills and launch Bosley Medical (BosleyMD) in 1974 and, since then, has performed more than 32,500 restoration treatments.

BosleyMD see themselves as pioneers in the art and science of hair restoration: with surgical and non-surgical solutions for both men and women. They are recognized leaders within the haircare industry, thanks to their world-class clinical resources, research and technology.

As well as their hair transplant procedure and other hair restoration services like scalp micropigmentation and eyebrow restoration, Bosley produces a laser cap, a derma roller, hair fibers and a range of other hair loss treatments that you can use at home instead of booking a surgical Bosley procedure.

These products aim to improve hair density, boost scalp health, plus restore damaged locks for healthier, stronger hair. Yay!

The Hair Restoration Industry

With more and more people losing their hair these days – thanks to environmental factors, stress and inflammation, diet and lifestyle, plus illnesses like COVID – it makes sense that hair transplant procedures and companies involved in things like migropigmentation are more common, too.

But in case you don’t know what’s involved, here’s a quick overview:

  • In a typical surgical hair transplant procedure, patients have at least one doctor consultation to discuss their hair shedding: causes, treatments they’ve tried and so on. If a transplant is recommended, the doctor will assess how many “grafts” are needed – and more grafts mean a much higher cost.
  • In the procedure itself, the Bosley team take hair follicles from a “donor area” elsewhere on the patient’s scalp and transfer them to a “recipient area” in which they’ve been experiencing bald patches or hair thinning.
  • The removal and placement of healthy grafts on the thinning area can improve patients’ thickness of any existing hair, while encouraging regrowth. So hair transplants actually have more benefits to patients than simply acting as a cover-up: they help to stimulate hair growth, too!


About Bosley Hair Transplant Procedures

Bosley are proud to enlist the highest quality hair recovery doctors and surgery specialists around. Patient safety, comfort and confidence are of utmost importance in the procedure, and every patient gets a free consultation, plus a custom restoration plan when they make an appointment and before booking a Bosley hair transplant.

These guys have been performing transplants and non-surgical treatments for decades so you can rest assured, they know how to do their job!

You can book your free consultation and Bosley hair transplant, if you decide to get this procedure, at one of over 70 locations across the US. If your location is further afield, they have some international options, too – check out their site to search for knowledgeable doctors in your location, or contact them for a phone appointment either.

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Best Non-Surgical Hair Growth Treatments

If you don’t want to book an appointment for a Bosley hair transplant (and many of us wouldn’t want, or couldn’t, afford a hair transplant!) the company also make a range of topical products and non-surgical treatments – which have helped more than 9 million people worldwide grow thicker, fuller hair. That’s a lot of happy heads, folks!

Here’s some at-home hair loss treatments you can try, which are dermatologist approved and have an impressive success rate.

1. Bosley Laser Cap

Yes, it looks like a Back To The Future prop. But this form of low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is popular for a reason – it works! It’s a non-surgical, FDA-approved process that’s proven in clinical trials as an effective and easy way to treat male and female shedding. The caps are designed specifically for men and women with genetic hair loss, androgenetic alopecia and frontal fibrosing alopecia.

Make an appointment to wear the cap for for 8 minutes a day: you can use the provided hat or pop it under any hat you like, even to the office if you like! As you wear it, LLLT stimulates cellular activity and boosts blood circulation. Think of it as an intensive massage for your hair follicles. Mmmm…

The Bosley Revitalizer cap uses a specially engineered laser, which is made up of diodes. Each diode emits 650 nanometers of light: the specific wavelength recommended for full light absorption. You can choose your strength: from 96, to 164, to 272 diodes (the price will increase as you do…so size does matter!) to provide maximum coverage, depending on your extent of baldness.

With my almost entirely bald head, I’d be looking at paying up to $2,600 – yikes! – but if you’ve got smaller bald patches or recently started to lose hair and need less coverage, $1,000 sounds a lot more reasonable. Or you can get it for $600 on Amazon.

Although the caps seem like a lot of money, if you’ve been spending hundreds every few months on expensive supplements and fancy shampoos anyway…this laser therapy, with its proven effectiveness and impressive “before and after” pictures at the 4-month mark, could actually be worth it.

How to use:

The LLLT process is automatic: an indicator light on the controller pod lets you know when it’s on, so just pop your laser cap, press and hold the power button for 4 seconds, and let the Revitalizer go to work.

Make sure you charge the batteries fully first, then connect the battery pack to the laser cap before disconnecting the pack from the wall charger.

2. Bosley Micro Roller

This simple looking tool is a powerful and effective way to stimulate your scalp and rejuvenate your hair – at a much lower cost than LLLT caps, or going to see a surgeon!

Dermarolling gently stimulates the skin, leading to an increase in blood flow and also collagen production, which can boost hair cell formation. This model has 540 medical grade stainless steel pins, which upon contact trace tiny channels in the outer layer of the skin, 0.25mm deep, to exfoliate and rejuvenate: creating an ideal environment for regrowth.

With an ergonomic, slip-resistant rubber handle, it’s easy to use. The roller head is replaceable and you also get a travel case to roll wherever you roll, too. Phew!

I haven’t actually tried a micro roller before – I’m waiting on one I’ve ordered from DS Labs – but they seem to produce pretty amazing results. Customer reviews are positive about this version, although many say the price is too high compared to other rollers. Which is true: DS Labs’ StimuRoller is only $19 compared to Bosley’s version: $90 on their website, $43 on Amazon.

How to use:

Use the roller 2–3 times per week. Make sure the rolling area is clean before use.

  • Step 1: Disinfect the micro-roller by soaking it in 70% alcohol for 5–10 minutes.
  • Step 2: Use a mirror to work out where you’re going to use it, then roll the micro-roller in the area with a gentle pressure. Just enough to feel a slight prickling, but not so much that it’s painful. Start by rolling it vertically over the section 5–10 times, lifting the roller with each pass.
  • Step 3: Continue rolling vertically over the remaining sections – make sure to do this quite gently so you don’t damage or irritate the skin.
  • Step 4: Repeat Steps 2 & 3 – except this time, move the roller horizontally, focusing on one section at a time, until you’ve rolled over the complete desired area.
  • Step 5: Clean and disinfect your micro-roller again. Let it air dry before placing the protective cover on and storing safely.


Note: If you’re using your derma-roller with a topical treatment like minoxidil, wait for 5–10 minutes before you apply it.

What are the side effects?

You might feel a slight stinging sensation as you use the roller and see some redness at first. This irritation or redness shouldn’t last longer than 24 hours – if it does, book another consultation or see your personal doctor.

Make sure you don’t use the microneedling tool in an area with any open sores, wounds, acne, rashes, inflammation or infection as it could irritate the skin further.

Also, check with your doctor if you’re taking blood thinners, if you have diabetes or eczema or if you’re pregnant before using a microneedle roller.

Can a Supplement Help Alopecia?

Sure it can! Check out my top supplement for hair loss.

Top Hair Care Products & Ingredients

Bosley also make a bunch of professional-quality products to stimulate hair growth in a less invasive (or expensive!) way than the above options. All of which serve to nourish your scalp and revitalize hair.

The below products are vegan, cruelty-free and color-safe (so you can use them on color treated or chemically treated hair). Their formulas are also sulfate-free, paraben-free and gluten-free, with proven natural ingredients to promote growth. Woohoo!

These natural ingredients work to gently cleanse and treat the hair to reduce inflammation, boost scalp circulation and strengthen the hair from the hair follicle. They include:

  • Pumpkin Seed Extract: A natural DHT blocker (DHT is the hormone commonly linked to hair loss, particularly androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern baldness), pumpkin seed can also combat hair loss as a result of nutritional deficiencies.
  • Biotin: To strengthen and nourish hair follicles, plus assist the body’s natural keratin production
  • Niacin: Also known as Vitamin B3, Niacin boosts blood flow to deliver more nutrients to the scalp
  • Panthenol: A cooling agent to soothe irritation and inflamation, this study shows panthenol to also improve hair density and reduce shedding.


1. Bosley Revive Nourishing Shampoo

This sulfate-free shampoo cleanses scalp build-up and gently blocks DHT with pumpkin seed extract and saw palmetto. Rosemary extract and panthenol help to reduce inflammation and stimulate blood circulation to promote hair growth.

This subtle-smelling shampoo is a great way to nourish your scalp and maintain the best possible foundation for thicker, stronger hair.

2. Revive Volumizing Conditioner

This lightweight daily conditioner also contains DHT inhibitors, along with niacin to reduce shedding and biotin to strengthen hair strands.

With deeply moisturizing and revitalizing kelp extract, you can also protect the hair against damage from frequent washing and brushing, or environmental factors like pollution. As a result, your hair will appear fuller, shinier and softer with more volume. Woohoo!

3. Hair & Scalp Follicle Energizer

Featuring strengthening biotin and stimulating, anti-inflammatory and DHT-blocking caffeine, this follicle energizer is an intensive, advanced leave-in serum that supports and promotes healthy hair, right from the root. Apple stem cell extract, like caffeine, also stimulates dormant hair follicles into action.

The serum aims to increase cellular energy and microcirculation on the scalp, in a similar way to the microroller and laser cap, only at a more affordable cost!

4. Healthy Hair Supplements

Hair loss is often triggered by nutritional deficiencies or hormonal imbalances – so it may take more than a shampoo to treat it. These hair vitamins contain DHT-inhibiting botanicals, immune system supporting ingredients, plus Biotin, Niacin and Zinc for thicker, fuller hair.

They also contain L-Lysine, which helps the body absorb iron from food, nourishing hair follicles and encouraging growth.

5. Bosley Hair Thickening Fibers

Sometimes it’s a case of wanting to fake it ‘til you make it. And rather than using a concealor spray to disguise your bald spots, why not use natural fibers that can nourish your scalp, support growth AND give you the appearance of a filled-in hairline while you’re at it?!

With 4 different shades to match your natural color, these keratin fibers bond securely to your existing hair – blending and covering thinning and areas of low hair density for instant volume and thickness.


Great Value: Bosley Revive Kit

Featuring 3 different products: the shampoo, conditioner and the highly-rated thickening treatment, this professional-quality kit aims to nourish and invigorate the scalp and hair: creating the optimal environment for healthy and thick hair.

You can get different sizes – a starter kit or a 30-day version – to see if you like it and if you do, well snap up some more! This version is for non-colored, noticeably thinning hair, although you can get kits for color-treated hair, too.

Bosley Minoxidil & Finasteride

I won’t go into much detail here because I’m wary of the side effects of both products. I had bad side effects from Minoxidil before, so I’d much rather use something like Nanoxidil instead. Also, finasteride is linked to sexual dysfunction in men so it may not be an ideal solution, either.

However, these ingredients are the only FDA approved hair loss treatments so I had to include them! In terms of Bosley products, you could try BosleyRX – prescription-only medication and doctor-formulated topicals to tackle hair loss – or their different minoxidil options to combat a receding hairline, hair thinning at the crown, or overall hair shedding.

Bosley Reviews: What Customers Say

I got to use the revitzalizer cap for 6 months straight (as that’s the suggested length to use it for to see results) and all I have to say is, the cap really works. At first I was skeptical because it feels like you’re slow baking your head with lasers but the results speak for themselves. I had a bald spot at the crest of my head and I watched my thinning hair start to fill in the gaps. I’m not saying it’s 100% gone but its waaaaay better and gives me the confidence I need to go out without feeling so self conscious. Highly reccomend!

– Daniel, US

Love this product. I was losing a lot of hair. Hard a receding hairline and it was thin and limp. After using the first bottle and noticing all the new growth I bought another bottle. I am no longer loosing hair, no receding hairline anymore and it leaves your hair feeling thick and full. Definitely recommend!

– Kimberley, US

I’ve got fairly typical male pattern baldness. Over the years, the hair on my crown had really thinned, and was basically a bald spot. Just very thin hair there. I started using this product about 6 months ago on the recommendation of a stylist that cut my hair. It did not start working immediately. I didn’t see much progress the first 30 or even 60 days. I stuck with the product because I liked the shampoo and conditioner. Anyway, it’s not too expensive, and I also liked the stuff you put in your hair after. And, the stylist that recommended it told me it might take as long as 3 months.

Around the 90 day mark I could see that I was getting some new hair growth. And now I’m really seeing progress. My parents, who had not seen me since I first started using the product, saw me just this past month and really noticed. The growth I got started out looking a little like peach fuzz. But it’s getting longer and thicker now.

It may not work for everyone. But for what this costs, I think it’s worth giving it 90 days or so.

– Theo, US

Alternatives to Bosley

I must say, I like the sound of Bosley’s haircare range. As that last review explained, they may take time to work – but with patience, they really are effective, and they’re pretty affordable, too!

But if you want to try something else, I’d recommend these alternatives, all of which I’ve tried myself.


Revita is a shampoo and conditioner from DS Labs that made a big difference when I started losing hair. DS Labs also make a micro-roller and I’m currently waiting on mine so I can review it…watch this space!

I’m also keen to try their serum with nanoxidil – but it’s not suitable for pregnancy so I’ll be trialing a different serum instead. In any case, I’d highly recommend this brand and Revita in particular as a safe, natural and effective hair loss treatment!

Revita shampoo bottle


This is the professional-quality brand, recommended by dermatologists and salons alike, that first worked for my hair loss: I had a full head of short hair again within 2 months! Although unfortunately its formula now contains sulfates (and many former customers switched to Bosley because of this), Nioxin is still a top choice for lots of people with thin hair.

Nioxin’s full-service kit includes a shampoo, conditioner and a scalp & hair product: you should use all 3 for best results. I used their scalp exfoliator and night density, serum, too – which I describe more in my review below.


This brand dials up the luxury salon effect. After using Vegamour’s shampoo, conditioner and serums, I had white vellus fuzz return to my bald patches, for the first time in several months. It was pretty amazing!

Vegamour is very expensive, though – so in my opinion, Bosley, Nioxin or Revita are more suitable for regular use.

vegamour serum

Common Questions

Does Bosley really work?

I haven’t tried it yet, so I can’t say for sure. But almost every review I’ve read is pretty positive so if you can afford it, go for a non-surgical solution like the laser cap or microroller, or the haircare kit.

Where can I get a Bosley hair transplant?

That depends on your location. But there are companies offering the hair transplant around the US so check their website to find a clinc near you.

What are the side effects?

You can expect potential irritation, scalp tingling, redness. But wait a day, that should fade. About the transplant, the biggest side effect might be a serious dent in your bank balance without any real difference to regrowth.

Final Thoughts: Is Bosley Worth It?

I think the hair transplant route is simply too risky a move. We’re talking life-changing amounts of money here and the potential risks – stitches not healing etc – as some reviews mention just aren’t worth it, in my opinion. You could make this quite drastic move and either have long-term negative side effects or see no results at all and waste your money.

But I’m not writing Bosley off entirely. I appreciate that these guys are experts in their fields: but unfortunately, as the Bosley reviews indicate, it may depend on what clinic you go to and the kind of treatment you receive, depending on your location…like going to hospital for any surgery, really! There’s no guarantee that you’ll get the same attentive service in every location.

There is a safer option.

And that’s to try the at-home laser light therapy with one of their laser caps. Or use a micro roller to stimulate your scalp. At least that way, you can track progress yourself and you’re in control…if something doesn’t feel right, you can stop using it and you won’t be left with a treatment you can’t reverse.

If that still sounds like too much, I get it! Try their range of topical treatments (shampoos, conditioners and leave-in treatments) instead, or a more natural option like the alternatives I’ve explained and recommended in post.

In any case, I hope you’ve found this overview of Bosley services and their products helpful! If you’ve ever used a more intensive treatment, like LLLT, hair transplants or microneedling, I’d love to hear about your experience. Get sharing below!

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