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I’ve come to accept my bald head these days, but there’s been MANY times in the past when I was less ‘proud alopecian’, more ‘terrified ball of emotions’. My patches were getting bigger, I was certain EVERYONE could see, and I didn’t know what to do.

Back then, I still had long, curly auburn hair – but when I’d put it up in a ponytail, or when a gust of wind would blow it apart, my bald spot, right at the back of my head, would become visible. So I lived in constant anxiety about being found out.

I heard of concealer sprays, and started using L’Oreal’s Magic Root Touch Up. Later, I found out about hair building fibers, which sounded like a better cover-up than synthetic dyes. Less like shoe polish, more natural. A good sign, in my book.

In this Caboki reviews post, I’ll explore one of the top hair fiber brands for moderate hair loss out there – and see how their natural fibers could even help hair growth.

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What is Caboki?

Caboki is a hair restoration treatment for both men and women. It’s used for those with thinning hair and various types of hair loss and offers a real solution to cover that pesky bald spot…in quite a natural way.

The Caboki treatment looks like a powder – but it’s actually comprised of tiny little hair fibers, which you apply topically to your scalp wherever you’re experiencing hair thinning or receding. These microfibers cling to and blend in with your existing hair, boosting its volume and density to give the appearance of thicker hair.

The electrically charged fibers create a pretty strong bond, which has a longer-lasting effect than concealer sprays. Plus, Caboki plant fibers have a negative charge – which, the company says, creates a stronger bond without the flat or dull hair that positively charges fibers can lead to. Yay!

Key Ingredients of Caboki

Caboki’s ingredient list is short and simple. The first is a cotton fiber called Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum – also known as Levant cotton, which only grows in the arid regions of Morocco. (Ooh, exclusive!)

This gives the fibers a lightweight super-soft and silky texture, which they’ll bring to your hair, too! Levant cotton is also hypoallergenic, so it’s great for those with a sensitive scalp.

The second and final ingredient is its colorants, which are based on natural minerals rather than artificial dyes, and are therefore unlikely to cause any allergic reactions. With 14 different hair color options, you’re bound to find a shade to match your natural hair color – if not, you could always get creative and combine 2 different colors until you find the perfect match.

How to Use Caboki

The process is really straightforward. Just sprinkle the fibres directly onto those trouble spots, your hairline or wherever the thinning area is and allow that negative charge to take effect…in the most positive way!

Upon contact, the fibres bond with your existing hair: so they do so much more that merely dye your patch; they give you the natural effect of thicker hair.

Top Tip: Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after using Caboki fibers. And wash your hair before you go to bed that night, too – otherwise you’ll end up with a stained pillowcase!

Honest Customer Reviews

Customers are really positive about this company for filling out their thinning hair. On Amazon, the product clocks up an impressive 4.4 stars out of almost 3K reviews. One Caboki review said the treatment helped them achieve fuller hair throughout the day and that it’s really easy to apply, thanks to the applicator included in this version.

Many reviewers recommend following up with a hairspray too, though…so not exactly an all-natural solution, in the end.

I decided to use fibers as I wait for the effects of hair loss medication to work, and it was the best thing I could have done for my peace of mind and to reduce the stress of seeing the thinning area in my crown.

I apply Caboki after washing and towel drying my hair, making sure the thinning area is completely dry. I do one initial pass with light coverage and tap the fibers down with my fingers, and then I do a second light pass which I tap down again. Then I style my hair as usual and apply hairspray to the area where I applied the fibers. When I tell you that this works like magic and it makes my hair look full and “normal.” As the instructions state, “less is more” – it is normal to see a little bit of scalp in the crown, especially after middle age!

The product holds on all day, even after sweating at the gym and even after wearing a baseball cap for several hours.

Volanges, US

I love this stuff. I have a thinning spot around my crown and a few shakes disguises it completely. You get plenty of product and it will last a long time.

– Liz

What I Like About Caboki

These hair fibers are great for those with fine hair or thin hair, because they give the appearance of thick hair. From the pictures I’ve seen online, the effects are really natural and show the fibers’ effectiveness in covering bald patches, filling in receding hairlines and making thinning hair look much fuller.

I can also see how cover-up treatments could help to support hair growth. Not that by sprinkling magic fairy dust on your scalp, you’ll suddenly end up with a full head of hair, no. But if these fibers give you more confidence in your appearance, which they really can do, you’ll stress less.

And with stress being one of the key triggers for hair loss it makes sense that by eliminating stress and feeling more relaxed, you’re creating a more positive environment for hair growth.

Plus, Caboki fibres come from plants and are hypoallergenic – so they shouldn’t create an itchy or irritated scalp (like other concealers might). Instead, they actually nourish your skin – again, providing optimal conditions for hair growth.

What I Don’t Like

You need to have enough hair for the microfibers to cling to: so they’re not really suitable for those with extensive hair loss. However, if you hair loss is quite recent, or it hasn’t covered your scalp, this form of hair loss concealer is a pretty good option.

Although these fibres are more durable than similar products in the bald spot concealer category, and they’re lighter than human hair or keratin fibers, they’re not 100% immune to things like sweat or rain.

You still could end up with a little surface run-off, with streaks down your face if you’ve got a sweat on at the gym, or if you’ve been caught in the rain on your way to work – not the look you wanted to wear, I’m sure!

Ironically, when you actually want to wash the fibers off – like from your scalp, your hands, or your clothes – they can be pretty stubborn to remove. So maybe don’t wear your fanciest clothing if you’re going to wear these fibers, too. Or if it’s the end of the night after a wedding or something, take off your good clothes carefully before washing your hair.

Psst…not sure about Caboki? You could always try the travel version below (only $11) to test it first!

What to Use Instead

Let me state once again, these treatments are only really recommended for those with fairly light or moderate thinning. And your hair needs to be at least 0.5 inches long. If your shedding is more severe, don’t go for them…it could be embarrassingly obvious to those around you that you’ve sprinkled powder all over your bald head.

The fibres definitely aren’t for everyone, like for those with alopecia or universalis – as they depend on bonding with existing hair.

So you might want to save your time and money and go for treatments that support natural hair growth instead. Other products with natural ingredients that aim to reduce hair loss and stimulate growth: without making claims of miracle results, of course!

My favorite haircare company is DS Labs who make Revita, my top hair loss treatment. Although I didn’t have as quick effects as when I used Nioxin, I did see far less shedding, much thicker hair and a vast improvement in the quality of my hair, too. Previously dry and brittle, it was suddenly full and shiny!

Lady Alopecia readers introduced me to Folexin supplement, too – which are a wonderful way to address hair loss as a result of nutritional deficiencies or hormonal imbalances, while giving you a good energy, boost, too!

I’d always recommend the longer-term approach rather than a ‘quick fix’, getting to the root of the issue: so a gentle haircare brand, combined with an immune-supporting supplement, could be your best bet to kickstart your hair cycle back into action.

Revita shampoo bottle
folexin supplements

Common Questions Asked

How long does Caboki last?

According to the brand and customer reviews, the best results will last all day, or until you next wash your hair.

Is Caboki the same as Toppik?

Toppik is another popular brand of hair fibers, although they use Keratin fibers instead. Check out my comparison post between the two for more.

How much does Caboki cost?

A regular bottle, which is a 90-day supply (depending on how much you apply) costs $35. A travel version is just $11.

Final Thoughts: Does Caboki Work?

Well, that depends on what you’re using it for, really. If you want to bulk up thinning hair, disguise a thinning or patchy area and give the appearance of fuller hair with an improved texture and quality, it’s a pretty good option.

But if you’re expecting a sudden reversal of your hair loss, or that you’ll develop a full head of hair again overnight, it’s not going to help with that.

There are plenty of other treatments I recommend on Lady Alopecia that offer holistic solutions to manage hair loss and stimulate hair growth: from supplements and shampoos to serums and other products. Have a click around and see what speaks to you!

You could always use Caboki as a quick fix cover-up in the meantime. I’d love to hear your experience of using hair fibres, if you ever have before, and feel free to share pictures of the results, too!

Love & hugs,

Love & hugs,

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