When To Stop Using Nioxin

Knowing When Enough Is Enough

Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. Like chocolate. Or cheese. Or sex.

Of course, they’re some of life’s greatest pleasures. But we can’t enjoy them all the time. We need to have some boundaries – otherwise, we’d never get anything done!

And that thing which seems so very good for us in the moment can suddenly turn on us.

Welcome to my post on when to stop using Nioxin.

Nioxin is one of those “good things” in life...

It has worked for me in the past, just like it works on the many people who use it, love it and rave in Nioxin reviews about it. But I don’t think it’s good to use something with so many chemicals on an ongoing basis. I think it’s better as a temporary solution.

Obviously, everyone is different and we’ll experience different reactions to its formula. But here is Lady Alopecia’s take on when to give this good thing a break.

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3 times to stop using Nioxin

1. If you have severe reactions

itching cat
A little itching is ok. But watch out for hives.

Like I mention in my post about potential side effects, a little redness is normal. That’s just certain vitamins and herbal ingredients hard at work. Irritation and itchiness are ok, too – these indicate that your scalp environment’s coming back to life.

However, if the redness spreads to your face and neck or if you experience hives or swelling, you could be having a systemic reaction to some of these herbal and chemical ingredients. In which case, you should stop using Nioxin and consult your GP for further advice. Or your trichologist, if you have one – which is just a fancy word for a hair doctor. 😉

2. If you don’t notice any change after 6 months

Keep track of your progress. Get nerdy!

The manufacturer recommends using one of its systems (containing a Cleanser, Conditioner and Scalp Treatment) for at least 6 months.

I only ever used it for 3 months so I can’t comment on what a difference that extra time would make. But for me, I noticed a big difference in 3–4 weeks of use. Others experience changes after 2 weeks. Like I said, we’re all different!

The first thing to look out for is increased hair fall. Don’t worry – this is just part of the process! Your scalp is getting rid of unwanted or “dead hair”, allowing new, stronger strands to take root. This period shouldn’t last longer than 2 weeks… so discontinue use if it does.

I’d also quit using Nioxin if you don’t notice any difference at all after 4 months. You definitely should be experiencing something by now – if not, well, it might not be the product for you. So you might be better off exploring other options.

3. If it works! Although this one’s debatable.

I'll have whatever shampoo she's using!

Again, I’ll share my own experience so that, hopefully, it can help you with yours!

After 3 weeks of using Nioxin, I noticed that my existing hair became silkier, softer and in much better condition. And around the 6-week mark, my patches started to fill in with soft and downy vellus hair, which slowly turned into darker terminal hair. After 3 months, I had a full head of hair again!

But then I stopped using it. It had done its job, so I didn’t feel the need to continue. I wanted “normal”, sweet-smelling shampoo that didn’t result in a tingling scalp or make me feel like a human breath mint. Plus, I travel a lot so it didn’t seem feasible to cart big product bottles around wherever I went.

Emma with shampoo bottle
Now that's a big bottle!

What happened when I stopped?

Well, nothing. At first. But then I was in Manchester getting my hair cut – in a trendy barber shop, no less – and the barber pointed out a tiny patch on the back of my head. (Thanks, dude!) Before long, this small patch began to spread.

I used my favourite concealing spray to hide the damage for a while but eventually got sick of it and decided to shave my head all over again. Back to Square 1.

So if Nioxin works for you, it might make sense to stop using it – or you might want to keep it up. That’s your call.

Nioxin is like a Band-Aid – it can do a great job of hiding the “injury”. But what happens when you suddenly rip it off? Are you suddenly healed? In my opinion, no. But if you’re ok with keeping the Band-Aid on, of not worrying about the underlying issues, that’s ok too. 😉

Conclusion: What if I hadn’t stopped?

I ask myself that sometimes. Would I still have hair if I’d continued use?!

Maybe one day I’ll try Nioxin again. And I’ll keep using it, even if it works and my hair grows back. Well, maybe for just an extra month or two. 😉

In any case, I think my hair loss stems from a deeper cause than simply using the wrong line of products. And I don’t believe in a temporary “fix” of the symptoms – rather I’d prefer to get to the root of the problem.

For now though, I’m pretty comfortable in my alopecia. And I’ve stopped chasing a cure. Because I’m truly happy being Lady Alopecia, just as she is.

Psst: Ever tried Nioxin? If so, are you still using it or did you decide to stop? I’d love to hear your experiences – so please share them below!

Emma face small

Lady Alopecia xxx

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