Lessons To Learn From… Ayanna Pressley


Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley generated lots of talk for her signature hairstyle. But recently, her lack of hair drew more attention – as she revealed her alopecia for the first time.

The Start of my Autoimmune Diet

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Lots of people have asked me if my autoimmune diet delivered real results in terms of hair loss. Well, let’s see, shall we?!

Meditation For Hair Loss

Meditation comes with a huge amount of physical and mental benefits. But can it help with hair loss? Let’s see…

Top 10 Things About Alopecia: Part 2


Top 10 Things About Alopecia: Part 2 Even more benefits of baldness! So. I already covered 10 advantages of alopecia in my previous post. But it looks like that list wasn’t quite exhaustive! Turns out that once you pull the thread of alopecia, a lot of stuff unravels. Plenty of bad stuff, sure. But quite a […]

Top 10 Things About Alopecia

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Top 10 Things About Alopecia The bright side of being bald! If you’re a hairlosser, hairwearer or an alopecian, you’re likely to have felt confusion, frustration, anger and fear because of your condition. You’ve probably been ashamed and embarrassed plenty of times. And you might think a post that talks about the advantages of alopecia is, well, […]

Why me? Why my hair?!

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Why Me? Why My Hair?! Causes of alopecia, uncovered Quick links: Alopecia |  Causes |  Genetics |  Hormones  | Adrenal fatigue | Diet  | Stress | What now? | Conclusion When you’re diagnosed with alopecia, you start to ask certain questions. ‘Why me?’ ‘What caused my hair to fall out?’ ‘Will it grow back?’ And […]