Testing an Autoimmune Diet

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I’m really interested in the link between gut health and autoimmunity. And I’m curious to know if the autoimmune diet I tried back in 2018 could’ve actually made a real difference to my alopecia – if only I’d stuck to it!

So I went to see a Functional Medicine (FM doctor) when I was home in Ireland last summer (2019) to explore this link further. 

To see whether my gut health could be affecting my hair, plus whether it might be the cause of chronic daily headaches that I’ve been having for 2 years now. (I know. Not fun.)

The doctor ran some tests on my microbiome and diagnosed me with gut dysbiosis. She told me that this can lead to autoimmune conditions, plus mental illnesses such as brain fog, anxiety and depression – due to its effect on our neurotransmitters. I can relate to that.

What the doctor advised… 

  • A 5-day gut cleanse. During this time, I’ll only drink smoothies made from water and “medical food” – a protein and vitamin-rich powder to ensure I’m still getting all the nutrients I need.
  • An elimination diet for at least 30 days. This includes cutting out dairy, wheat/gluten, alcohol, sugar, soy and soybean products. Yikes… but I CAN have one coffee a day. Yay!
  • A supplementation plan for at least 30 days. My range of goodies include Vitamin B and D, Magnesium, plenty of raw ginger and turmeric (if you don’t like that, try these) and a good probiotic. Plus a fish oil in liquid form. Yum.

Want to see how it goes?!

I’m starting the diet in January, 2020. And I’ll be posting weekly progress reports about it on my YouTube channel

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Lady Alopecia xxx

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2 Responses

  1. I recently found two patches. I’m so grateful for your blog.

    I have read the medical medium thyroid book and a few articles on AIP diets. Curious how it’s been going I didn’t see anything on YouTube! How similar is the diet in 2018 to this one???

    1. Hi Kiran,

      Thanks so much for your comment – I’m really sorry to hear about your patches, too. And I hope you can find some info here that helps! I must apologise, I still haven’t gotten around to posting videos yet, as I actually got married in February so temporarily suspended the diet as I knew it would go out the window! 😉 I had been seeing a lot of success with it though in terms of digestion, mood etc and a little regrowth. The diet I tried in 2018 was quite similar but with more supplements – it was from Amy Myers’ book, The Autoimmune Solution, which I uncovered after reading a brilliant article on the link between gut health and hair loss. More on that here. But basically, they say similar things – that if you have any kind of autoimmune disorder like alopecia, you’re more susceptible to other autoimmune stuff (maybe thyroid issues too) and that reducing inflammatory foods (gluten, dairy, eggs, tofu and sugar) is a good idea. I promise I will get around to doing the videos soon though once I can get my supply of supplements sent again! 🙂

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