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Breakdown and Benefits of System 4

I’m all about colour therapy. Most days I walk around my adopted hometown of Hoi An, Vietnam dressed in yellow from head to toe. (Hoi An is filled with yellow walls, too. It’s no coincidence that I live here.)

So if you love to colour your hair, I get it! But if you’re shedding strands as a result, or for some other reason, it might be time to bring in added protection. In which case, this Nioxin System 4 reviews post might be just what you need.

Read on to see how you can keep colouring your hair without paying such a severe price. In more ways than one. 😉

System 4: A Quick Look




Who Is System 4… Emmm… For?!

Blondes, brunettes, redheads – who aren’t natural blondes, brunettes or redheads! 😉 

Basically, if you dye your hair and you’re in search of a shampoo to volumize thinning locks, Nioxin is a good call. System 3 is great if you’re experiencing light thinning. While Nioxin System 4 reviews – and the manufacturer – claim that numero 4 is the best one for advanced hair fall.

I do like how the more colourful label on the bottles matches the colourful preferences of the user. Nice touch, Nioxin!

As this full article highlights, Nioxin is really for anyone who wants:

  • Healthier, stronger and glossier hair
  • A scalp that’s free from excess sebum, oil and dirt (gross)
  • Added volume and bounce, even if you don’t have much hair to begin with!
  • Protection from external elements like pollution and UV rays
shampoo hair
Enjoying a good lather!

3 Top Products and Nioxin System 4 Reviews

Your beautifully dyed hair might already look lovely and shiny – but unfortunately, those chemicals might be doing it some long-term damage. Eventually, it might lose its sheen and become dry and brittle – prone to snapping and breaking. Sigh.

But if you use these System 4 products regularly, you can give your locks the ongoing nourishment they need. How nice of you. 😉

Step 1: Get Cleaning​

Pamper your mane with System 4’s kind cleanser, which includes menthol, white tea extract, peppermint oil and biotin – not to mention a bunch of Vitamin Bs – all in one minty-smelling blast of refreshment. 

You might notice a little redness, tingling or irritation after rinsing the shampoo but don’t worry – that’s just the circulation coming back to your scalp!

Step 2: Get Conditioning​

This creamy conditioner is great for nourishing tired, limp locks. Giving them their “oomph” again. And adding a much-needed splash of moisture.

You only need a small amount to enjoy the full benefits of this step – but make sure you leave it in for at least 2 minutes before you rinse it out. Your patience will be rewarded.

Step 3: Get Treating

The third item in the full Nioxin System 4 kit is the potent Scalp and Hair Treatment. Ok, so it doesn’t exactly smell fantastic. And it’ll make your head even redder than the shampoo. But hey, if it works, it works… right?!

The mousse texture also means you can use it as – yep, you guessed it – a mousse. Great for styling your hair while giving it some added SPF protection. The antioxidants within this baby also work to reverse any damage from colour treatment. Nice one.

Do Nioxin Make Other Products?

Well, yes – quite a few, actually. And if you like to dye your hair regularly, chances are you’re a fan of trying shiny new products!

To supplement your system 4 kit, check out the following:


Natural Alternatives to Nioxin

Want to give your hair a break from all those chemicals? Hey, I totally understand. I do the same. And some Nioxin System 4 reviews mention the need for a chemical-free environment, too.

Here are some alternatives you can try to encourage hair growth…

Red Onion

Rub a fresh chunk of it on your head every night to increase microcirculation to the scalp, just like Nioxin does. It has proven in some studies to be effective – and I notice vellus hairs growing when I remember to do this regularly! You can also blend a couple of red onions and use the juice to rub into your scalp.

Garlic and Ginger

More kitchen staples that can promote hair growth. Again, just rub them on your head every evening. I haven’t used these separately so I don’t know which one is more effective; I went for the stirfry approach! 😉


Aloe Vera

An amazing plant that has tonnes of health benefits – one of which is the reduction of inflammation and the promotion of hair growth. Read Lady Alopecia’s full post on aloe vera here.

Of course, you could have it both ways and use these natural ingredients in addition to your Nioxin System 4 kit. Hey, they can’t do you any harm… other than perhaps causing your head to smell like that stirfry I mentioned! 😉 Plus, it should go without saying but if you are allergic to the above, DO NOT RUB THEM ON YOUR HEAD!!!


Common Questions

You can get the shampoo and conditioner for less than $20 a pop, or the trial kit for around $25. Not too shabby.

It really depends on the person but I experienced healthier, more volumized hair almost immediately. It took about a month for fuzzy white vellus hairs to show. But after just 3 months, my hair grew back! (Note: It did fall out again when I stopped using it though. Oh well.)

Conclusion: Colour You Happy!

Give Nioxin a go and there’s no reason why you can’t keep enjoying a different hair colour every month! If your hair shedding gets more severe after the initial 2 weeks though, I’d discontinue use and try something else.

Nioxin may not be for everyone – but it is for plenty!

Feel free to share your experiences, thoughts or before ‘n’ after pics below. And happy colouring!

Emma face small

Lady Alopecia xxx

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