My nude beauty review

Introducing: Nude Beauty Products

Nude Beauty Review

If you’ve followed Lady Alopecia for a while, you’ll know I prefer natural products to chemical-filled topical treatments, or steroid creams with their dodgy side effects. Because I’ve tried both kinds in search of something for hair loss and I’ve found that when you go natural, you’re providing the optimal environment for regrowth. No itchiness, flakiness or inflammation. Yay!

It’s a shame really, because we’re conditioned to look for popular brands with “a great lather” – and usually, to get that lather, those brands include a bunch of parabens and sulfates that don’t do your skin – or your hair – any favours.

So when I came across nude beauty products, and I tried out the body soaps and shampoo bars, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did the soaps lather up well and leave my skin/hair super moisturised, they don’t rely on chemical additives to do so. nude beauty asked me to trial a few of their most popular soaps, which I’ve been doing over the past few months.

So without further ado…Welcome to my honest nude beauty review!

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About the Brand...and the Soaps

Pretty wrapping, right?!

I came across nude beauty a couple of months ago when I met the founder, a lovely guy called Andrew, in my hometown of Hoi An, Vietnam. Andrew’s background is in hospitality and, sick of seeing all those plastic bottles with chemical-laden soaps in even the fanciest of hotels, he set out to create a new solution: an option that would be kind to the skin and the environment.

Two years later…

nude beauty is now a successful Australian brand with a love of all things environmental. Its vegan soaps are 100% natural, plus USDA and EU organic-certified. And when I say ‘vegan’ they’re actually vegan – they don’t use palm oil as a base, like many so-called eco-friendly brands. Rather they’re more environmentally conscious by using pure coconut oil to give your skin a sweet moisturising kiss. Mwah.

I love my essential oils and it’s clear that nude beauty does, too! Andrew assured me that the oils they use in each soap are USDA-certified and the blends they create are designed to treat, cleanse and exfoliate your skin – and scalp! – in the gentlest possible way.

When Andrew asked me whether I’d be interested in trying out some of these soaps for Lady Alopecia, I jumped at the chance. Not only would I be supporting this small business with a big vision, I’d be using some of my favourite natural ingredients, too! 🙂

The Soaps I’ve Tried

It's time to clean up this town. Organically!

nude beauty has a wide range of soaps, for different skin types, scent preferences and colour palettes! This includes a breakout control bar with activated charcoal to relieve fungal infections, plus a cleansing control bar with tea tree oil to reduce redness and maintain a healthy glow. 

The body bar range includes some exfoliating options, with skin-invigorating ingredients like caffeine and ginger. There’s also separate hypoallergenic shampoo bars, shaving bars, lip butters… you name it!

I tried the following 5 products – and here’s how I got on…

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1. Green Tea Body Bar

The first nude soap I tried, and we were off to a good start! I like the vibrant colour of this soap, although I’d hoped for more ‘oomph’ in the scent. But I can’t fault the ingredients – green tea and its compound EGCG is, after all, one of the things I love most about popular hair thinning shampoo Shapiro MD. When used on hair, it’s said to prolong the anagen phase (the ‘growth phase’) of the hair cycle. It’s also a natural DHT blocker – the hormone linked to hair loss.

Green tea’s great for your skin, too. In fact, it’s been used in traditional medicine for ages – including in the treatment of conditions like psoriasis or eczema (with which many hair lossers with irritated scalps might be familiar).

Key benefits of the green tea body bar

  • A natural anti-inflammatory to soothe redness, calm irritation & reduce swelling
  • Detoxifies & exfoliates the skin to remove bacteria – but gently, so you don’t lose your natural oils
  • The caffeine in green tea boosts blood circulation, delivering more essential nutrients around the body (including the scalp!)

LA Says: I used this soap as a body bar and shampoo bar in one. I loved how soft and shiny it left my hair, and how moisturised my skin felt afterwards. I would’ve liked a stronger scent, though!

2. Ginger & Spice Exfoliant Body Bar

Second to be tested, and still in the lead for my favourite nude product, is this exfoliating ginger body bar. Its blend of ginger, nutmeg, clove and cinnamon essential oils reminded me of Christmas. Plus, I’ve written about the benefits of ginger for hair growth before – and sesame seed, which the soap also contains, is another recommended treatment for thinning hair.

Ginger has been used in traditional medicine for centuries, particularly for its immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory effects. It’s also packed with antioxidants – over 40 of them, in fact – with an anti-aging effect that’ll have you Benjamin Buttoning it in no time. 😉

P.S. I’m currently trying out two other exfoliant bars in nude’s range: the charcoal and black pepper bar and the coffee scrub bar. I LOVE the scent of the coffee one (which smells more like a creamy mocha) and after just a few days’ use, have noticed that the charcoal and black pepper one has tackled my blackheads and blemishes. The jury’s still out on whether either will beat Ginger Spice as my favourite member of the band, though!

Key benefits of the ginger spice exfoliant

  • Scrubs away dead skin and bacteria to revitalise your skin – while its anti-inflammatory compounds prevent redness or irritation
  • Removes scalp build-up and excess sebum that can clog hair follicles
  • Smells fantastic!

LA Says: Although I love this exfoliant, and the other two I’m testing now, I appreciate they may not be for everyone. Particularly for those with very sensitive skin, these bars might be a little too intense. So do a test patch first and don’t use them too vigorously!

Now, where did I leave my soap...

3. Mint & Aloe Vera Shaving Bar

Admittedly, I don’t exactly have a whole lot of hair to shave to justify buying a shaving bar! But luckily, this doubles up as a regular body and shampoo bar if you like. And you can draw many other benefits from its star ingredients!

I absolutely love aloe vera for all things skin and hair related. It’s what I always recommend when people write to me about an itchy, irritated or red scalp, or when they feel there’s a lot of inflammation present. Aloe vera is joined by lovely shea butter, which holds fatty acids to further lower inflammation and lock in moisture.

Mint is another wonderful ingredient for dealing with hair loss in a more natural way. In fact, animal studies have shown it to be just as effective as topical minoxidil for boosting hair growth! (Without the bad side effects. Phew.) Together, you’ve got a calming, revitalising body bar that’ll give you a refreshing, post-shave tingle. Lovely.

Key benefits of the mint & aloe shaving bar

  • Contains two of my favourite ingredients to nourish skin & hair
  • Packed with proteins and antioxidants
  • Aloe vera is a natural anti-inflammatory, calming the skin if you’ve managed to nick it

LA Says: Like other soaps in the nude range, this creates a great lather and is super-moisturising – so I highly recommend getting rid of your usual can of foam in favour of this eco-friendly bar!

4. Everyday Shampoo Bar

I love the idea of shampoo bars. I like that they’re kinder to the environment, reducing the need for plastic bottles. I like that you can double up to use them as your shower cream, too. And I like that they eliminate the need for conditioner – if you find one that’s moisturising enough.

I’ve kissed a few frogs during my quest to find the prince of shampoo bars, though. For instance, the neem bar I used last year turned mouldy in my shower and spread green goo everywhere! (I thought it best to stick to neem oil instead!)

Finally, a bar I can visit every day without getting a hangover. Phew!

So I wasn’t sure how I’d rate nude’s shampoo bar, one of its newest offerings. Luckily, it didn’t disappoint. For starters, I was in no danger of it stinking out my bathroom – not when it’s got coconut oil, shea butter and chamomile oil to brighten my morning! Those deeply nourishing ingredients mean you won’t need a conditioner (although nude is bringing out conditioner bars soon, too). Plus, it didn’t leak all over the place, although the thickness of the oils did clog up my shower drain for a while. But hey, better clogged with soap than hair, right?!

Key benefits of the everyday shampoo bar

  • Packed with vegetable oils and shea butter which promote healing & repair the skin barrier
  • Moisturises & nourishes hair without making it oily
  • Tea tree and chamomile oils are kind to the scalp, calming irritation/inflammation

LA Says: I really like this shampoo bar as it’s suitable for all hair types: oily or dry, curly or straight, full head of hair or patchy alopecian! But if you’ve got a particularly sensitive scalp, I’d recommend trying the next – and final – product on this list first.

5. Hypoallergenic Shampoo Bar

But if it's unscented, how will people know how good I smell?!

Many alopecians will also suffer from scalp conditions like dandruff or seborrhoeic dermatitis. And sometimes, this damaged scalp environment can actually be the thing causing hair loss; in many cases, preventing hair from growing back.

That’s why I highly recommend switching to gentle, nourishing products whenever possible. Things that won’t strip your scalp of its essential oils, but can still clear any build-up or bacteria that could be triggering your condition. And this unscented hypoallergenic bar is as natural as you can get.

Key benefits of the hypoallergenic shampoo bar

  • No fragrances, additives or foaming agents
  • Contains skin-soothing tea tree oil to lower inflammation and promote healing, plus charcoal to remove scalp build-up in a natural way
  • Highly moisturising; no need for conditioner

LA Says: I’m still newish to this shampoo bar but I can happily report: so far, so very good! If you’re missing out on having any scent, and you have a favourite essential oil that you know is safe for your scalp, go ahead and add 2-3 drops over the surface of the bar. Allow them to soak in for your next use!

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Final Thoughts: Go nude! I Always Do...

Or, to quote the company’s slogan: “be you, go nude!” I’m happy to recommend these products. I love how natural they are, that they still smell great and create a decent lather without needing harsh chemicals and that they’re eco-friendly, too.

There’s plenty of options to choose from, whatever your skin or hair type – and you don’t need to worry about causing damage or suffering harsh side effects if you choose ‘the wrong one’. Because they’re all highly moisturising, with great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties!

vegan soap
Go nude. My head has been trying that for years!

The only downside I can think of is they’re perhaps a little too thick and moisturising; hence my clogged up shower drain. (But just clean it out regularly and you’ll be fine!) The bars last for around 2 weeks of daily use…so not super long but I guess that’s what you get when you use all-natural ingredients as a base.

If you want to find out more about nude beauty, or to check out the products I haven’t mentioned here, head on over to their website.

Love & hugs,

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