GRO Hair Serum Review

Vegamour’s Secret Weapon

I’ve tried countless hair treatments over the years. The ones that actually helped to promote hair growth (Nioxin and Revita), well, I can count on one hand!

I was uncertain whether Vegamour would be any different to the other prettily packaged, “luxury brand” treatments I’ve tried – ones that had little substance behind their shiny marketing – but I was happy to be proved wrong.

I took a gamble on Vegamour hair care products and I allowed myself to splurge: on their shampoo and conditioner, their biotin gummies and 3 different serums: GRO serum, GRO+ serum and an eyebrow serum.

Check out my honest review for more on those products and the brand behind them. Because for now, I’ll focus on Vegamour’s most popular and original hair loss treatment: in this GRO hair serum review.

vegamour serum
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Why I Started Using Vegamour Gro Hair Serum

I read about Vegamour products just before becoming pregnant with my daughter Sunny. In the few months prior to that, I’d started losing hair from my scalp and also from my right eyebrow.

I attributed that to the stress of planning a wedding, then the stress around COVID, which appeared in my home in Vietnam not long after. I also got COVID in July 2020, and there is a real link between COVID and hair loss.

Anyway, I started using the shampoo, conditioner and the serum around this time, and also took the gummies. (I had to stop taking the gummies soon after I realised I was pregnant though, as they contain Vitamin A, which isn’t recommended in high doses during pregnancy).

But I wasn’t very consistent with these hair growth treatments to notice any real difference – although I did love how they smelled, and noticed how they made my existing hair healthy!

It was only when I reached my second trimester, that I was more consistent using GRO hair serum. I had expected much shinier, longer and thicker hair at this point, as I’d heard would happen from all the extra hormones.

When that didn’t happen, when I began shedding even more and has increasingly thin hair instead, I started using Vegamour GRO hair serum twice a day.

Benefits & Key Ingredients

GRO hair serum comes in a small bottle; but its vegan, cruelty free formula packs a powerful punch, with some amazing oils in there!

A natural DHT blocker, the hair growth treatment has been shown to improve hair density by up to 52% and reduce hair thinning/shedding by up to 76% – within just 3 to 4 months.

This gluten-free, plant based formula is also free from harmful toxins like sulfates, parabens, silicones, artificial fragrances, dyes, phthalates, petrolatum and finasteride. Yay!

Here’s what else it can do:

Lowers Inflammation & Boosts Circulation

Inflammation and oxidative stress are major triggers of hair loss. Fortunately, GRO serum includes Curcumin – the main component in turmeric – to fight damaging free radicals, lower inflammation and improve blood flow to the scalp. Meaning all those lovely natural vitamins and minerals can do their job. It also contains Nicotiana Benthamiana from the nicotine plant to reduce inflammation.

Psst…To reduce inflammation even further in the body, I’d recommend taking daily curcumin supplements – they help to support a healthy immune system, too.

Reduces Hair Thinning

The serum achieves this by lowering inflammation, nourishing the scalp, activating dormant hair follicles and including Red Clover Extract as a natural DHT blocker – so the hair follicle stays open and new hair can grow. Red clover also helps to lengthen the anagen (hair growth) phase of the natural hair cycle too, meaning you have a greater opportunity for hair regrowth.

Strengthens Hair

Thanks to all the proteins and vitamins contained in GRO serum, you can improve the quality and texture of your hair and scalp. Notably, Caffeine, Mung Bean (which contains Folate) and Biotin help to support healthy cell production, strengthening and volumizing each strand. And thick hair means less chance of hair breakage.

Vegamour GRO hair serum: full ingredients

water/aqua/eau, butylene glycol, alcohol denat. glycerin, caffeine, polysorbate 20, curcuma longa (turmeric) callus conditioned media, panthenol, disodium edta, limonene, citrus bergamia peel oil, trifolium pratense (red clover) seed extract, vigna radiata seed extract, sodium benzoate, linalool, potassium sorbate, gluconolactone, biotin, citral, calcium gluconate, oligopeptide-2.

How It Helped Me

Vegamour’s hair growth serum has helped stimulate hair growth after hair loss on two separate occasions. The first was during pregnancy, when I started using GRO hair serum during my second trimester.

The hair thinning and shedding I’d been experiencing stopped in its tracks. After just 2 weeks, I noticked much fuller and thicker hair – my once paltry mohawk of fine hair was now like a full, curly mullet! No doubt the pregnancy hormones were finally kicking in, too…but I’m fairly sure my trusty new hair growth serum moved things along.

The second time was a year after Sunny was born. I’d had pretty severe postpartum hair loss; pretty much all of my hair. So much, in fact, that I decided to shave the rest of it off.

With my right eyebrow gone too, I resembled somewhat of a baby myself…but it didn’t bother me all that much, at first. I was too wrapped up in motherhood, and I could wrap up my head in one of my headscarves, too!

So once again, I finally decided to turn to Vegamour’s products – just the hair serums this time. I didn’t have any hair left to note an improvement in quality or in density…but what I did notice was downy white baby hairs returning to my bald scalp, after 9 months of having nothing there! Just a little bit, but what a sight to see… and after only a couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, that peachy fuzz didn’t transform into thicker, terminal hair…but it was nice to know hair regrowth was possible. That I just had dormant hair follicles rather than dead ones. See my hair regrowth report to learn more about my progress at this time – sure, other factors were involved but I think Vegamour’s Gro serum played a big part.

Head Scarves for Hair Loss

Wrap it up like a queen with my super-soft jersey cotton headscarves.

Vegamour GRO Compared to GRO+

You might be wondering, what’s the difference between the original GRO hair serum and Vegamour’s advanced version, GRO+? Well, first of all, there’s the price difference. Vegamour GRO serum costs $52 per bottle, while GRO Advanced costs $68.

This is perhaps because GRO+ includes quite a sought-after ingredient to promote hair growth: broad-spectrum hemp oil.

I’ve written about the benefits of CBD for thinning hair elsewhere but to summarize, it reduces inflammation and oxidative stress in the body further, it acts as an immunosuppressant to slow down or prevent hair loss and it’s a powerful antioxidant, which boosts blood flow to the scalp.

So all those lovely nutrients can penetrate your hair follicles even more: reducing dry hair, thickening fine hair and giving you more healthy hair in general. Woohoo!

I can’t really say if one works more effectively than the other because, to be honest, I used them interchangeably. But you could start with the cruelty free Orignal GRO serum (which is a little cheaper) and graduate to the advanced version if you think you need it.

Gro + Serum

How to Use Vegamour GRO Hair Serum

Thanks to the hand dropper included with the serum, application is quick and easy! Vegamour recommends you use the serum twice a day for best results, but you can use once a day to make your bottle last longer.

You can also apply it to towel dried hair, wet or dry hair as its consistency is thin/watery so it won’t won’t weigh your hair down.

  • Fill the dropper full and apply the serum directly to towel dried hair (or wet hair), near the roots
  • Massage it into the scalp with your fingertips, making sure to disperse it evenly
  • Leave the serum in (it takes about 15 minutes to absorb fully, less from wet hair) and style your hair as normal

Customer Reviews

Countless reviews, from the US in particular, are positive about this popular hair growth serum: how it helped their bald spots and thinning hairline fill in, increased hair density and improved the quality of their existing hair.

(However, one Amazon Vegamour review did mention some skin irritation, so perhaps those who are sensitive to botanical ingredients should avoid it and try another serum – do a patch test to be safe!)

UK customers are less pleased though, as they got hit by import taxes (see my full Vegamour brand review for more). But in general, people seem to love this hair product.

My hair stylist recommended this product. She said she used it after some pregnancy-related hair loss (mine is menopausal but still hormone related). I’ve been using it for close to a month and, combined with Nutrafol supplements, my hair is thicker than it has been in years. It’s not just my wishful thinking, my husband has commented that it has more life/body than it has had in a while.

– Christine M

I had to go into the hospital for a 7-Day EEG where they glued electrodes to my head. Well, they ripped out my hair and I had bald spots all over that weren’t coming back! I’ve been using this product for about six months now and I’m so happy with it. After maybe 6 weeks, I could barely tell where the bald spots were because they started to fill in so well. Now it’s like it never happened but I keep using it because I think it’s helping my hair grow out faster and helping in other areas that were thinning.

– Jennifer B 

Alternative Serum: Revita Serum with Nanoxidil

I haven’t had a chance to try this treatment yet, but I’m a big fan of Revita. I love their shampoo and conditioner, which helped my hair grow without any nasty side effects. The team behind Revita, DS Laboratories, make a great range of hair care treatments that are super-affordable…and their customer service is brilliant, too!

Nanoxidil is the brainchild of DS Labs as a safer alternative to minoxidil. Already, the serum is gaining a lot of recognition from the scientific community and I think it offers some pretty exciting prospects for alopecians.

Psst…For more of my favorite hair growth serums, check out this post!

Revita serum

Common Questions

Are there any side effects?

I’ve never had any negative side effects from using Vegamour – for me, their clean formula is perfectly safe!

But my husband (who has allergies to natural oils) kept sneezing whenever I’d use it and begged me to stop…so that’s really why I wasn’t as consistent as I should have been! Also, one Amazon reviewer complained about a slight rash and skin irritation around their hairline…so maybe the serum isn’t for everyone.

Does Vegamour GRO really work?

Well, it did in my case. Both times I’ve used it, I’ve seen either less shedding, an increase in hair density or regrowth of fuzz on my bald patches.

Admittedly, I’ve never stuck to it for long enough for full regrowth – Vegamour advises to use the serum for 4 months, and I maybe just did a month at a time.

If I stop using GRO serum, will my hair fall out again?

According to Vegamour’s website, if you stop using their serum, your hair may return to its natural state within a couple of months (as the hair growth cycle is typically 3 months long). So if you can afford it, I’d keep supporting your scalp and hair health with Vegamour!

How much does Vegamour serum cost?

The serums aren’t exactly cheap…buy hey, if they work they work, right?! GRO serum costs $52 for a 1oz bottle, or a month’s supply. Vegamour also have some special offers on their website, like this 3-pack of the GRO+ Advanced serum from $163.

What makes Vegamour serums different?

Vegamour is one of the only hemp-inclusive brands designed specifically for hair. And unlike other CBD oils, its serums use a micro-encapsulation process to break this CBD down into super-small particles – basically, so it penetrates your follicles and your hair can absorb its nutrients easier.

That way, Vegamour serums don’t just remain on the surface of your hair – they get right under your skin. To the root of the problem, so to speak.

Final Thoughts: Go For GRO!

I’m a massive fan of Vegamour – as an ethical, clean beauty brand, as a company that offers great customer service and as a range of safe, natural hair loss treatments that actually work.

I appreciate that their products are pretty expensive, however. So if you’re watching costs, you might want to try Revita, or even go down the supplement route with something like Folexin.

But from my experience, GRO hair serum is well worth a try: for improving the health, thickness and strength of your hair, for reducing shedding and even for promoting new hair growth. If you do decide to try it, let me know how you get on – share your comments and experiences in the box below!

Either way, I hope you’ve enjoyed this honest review with my own experience, and that it’s helped you decide whether or not Vegamour is right for you.

Love & hugs,

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