Top 10 Things About Alopecia: Part 2

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Top 10 Things About Alopecia: Part 2 Even more benefits of baldness! So. I already covered 10 advantages of alopecia in my previous post. But it looks like that list wasn’t quite exhaustive! Turns out that once you pull the thread of alopecia, a lot of stuff unravels. Plenty of bad stuff, sure. But quite a […]

Top 10 Things About Alopecia

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Top 10 Things About Alopecia The bright side of being bald! If you’re a hairlosser, hairwearer or an alopecian, you’re likely to have felt confusion, frustration, anger and fear because of your condition. You’ve probably been ashamed and embarrassed plenty of times. And you might think a post that talks about the advantages of alopecia is, well, […]

Why me? Why my hair?!

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Why Me? Why My Hair?! Causes of alopecia, uncovered When you’re diagnosed with alopecia, you start to ask certain questions. ‘Why me?’ ‘What caused my hair to fall out?’ ‘Will it grow back?’ And if you don’t have a clear reason for alopecia, it can make the whole thing a lot more frustrating. But understanding […]

I heart these famous baldies…

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Famous people have feelings, too. And struggling with alopecia can’t be easy for them – especially with a spotlight on their bald spots!

Top 6 hairstyles for alopecia

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Top 6 Hairstyles For Alopecia Finding Style in Hair Loss If you’ve got alopecia, you might see it as incredibly limiting. You’re embarrassed to face the world because of tell-tale patches, you think your only hairstyle option is a carefully constructed ponytail and when it comes to fancy occasions, like a friend’s wedding, well… the […]

Review: Cliffs of Moher Yoga Retreat

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Review: Cliffs Of Moher Yoga Retreat On becoming zen in Co. Clare There’s a yoga centre in Co. Clare that puts the ‘treat’ into retreat. It’s in a gorgeous, tranquil setting beyond Liscannor. It offers the Cliffs of Moher Yoga Retreat. And it’s a place that’s very hard to leave. One of the centre’s greatest assets is its […]

The bald truth

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The Bald Truth The Lady Alopecia Origin Story Quick note: I wrote the article below 7 years ago, just after a trip to Bali. I was in the early stages of a travel blog… and I decided to bear my bare head to the few people who read it. The response I got sparked the […]

6 reactions to alopecia around the world

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6 Reactions To Alopecia Around The World My global adventures with alopecia Quick links: Indonesia |  Myanmar |  Vietnam |  Japan  | Sri Lanka | Ireland | Conclusion  | Useful | I’ve had alopecia for roughly two-thirds of my life. And as a person who loves to travel, my bald patches have seen more than […]

Is travel bad for your health?

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Is Travel Bad For Your Health? When exploration gets exhausting I’ve often wondered about the effect that travel can have on our physical and mental health; particularly over the past 2 years when I’ve spent more time away than at home. During this period, Andy and I took on Asia: teaching monks in Myanmar, surviving […]