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Top 10 Things About Alopecia

The bright side of being bald!

If you’re a hairlosser, hairwearer or an alopecian, you’re likely to have felt confusion, frustration, anger and fear because of your condition. You’ve probably been ashamed and embarrassed plenty of times. And you might think a post that talks about the advantages of alopecia is, well, full of crap.

And maybe it is.

But since baring my bald head a few years ago, I’ve come to see alopecia in a different light. I’ve learned to talk about it, for one – without welling up whenever curious people ask about it!

I’ve learned to stop obsessing about it, for another – like whether there’s more fuzz today than yesterday, and so on. Because worrying about the condition and switching between a million hair-care products isn’t going to help my stress levels!

But the most liberating moment in my alopecia adventure was this.

When I actually started seeing it as an adventure. Something that would teach me valuable lessons, introduce me to interesting people and open my mind to new experiences. Following on from that, I was able to react positively towards my alopecia and even to joke about it – something which my wig-wearing, anxiety-riddled self of 5 years ago wouldn’t have dreamed of.

Believe it or not, there are some benefits to being bald. Most of them are downright ridiculous but hey, if it means you can see alopecia in a less scary way, I’ve done my job!

Amazing advantages of alopecia

1. You save money on hairdressers

Me with a totally bald head

I’ve been to the salon a grand total of 3 times in the last 10 years. The less hair you have, the less hair care you’ll have to fund.

# of salon visits per year: 5
Cost per visit (at least): €50
Total saved over 10 years: €2,500

Nice one.

2. You can get ready faster

Andy can’t really complain about how long I take to get ready. When I wore a wig (that needed careful curling) it took me well over an hour. Now it takes me 15 minutes. (Ish.)

3. Swimming hats fit easily

No more wrestling your ponytail into awkward lycra caps again! Oh, and if you’ve forgotten your hat at the swimming pool, you can always play the alopecia card and make the attendant feel uncomfortable. They’ll definitely let you in without one.

4. Hair-odynamics

Speaking of sport, alopecia comes in very handy when you need to move faster. Whether it’s swimming, running or cycling, having a hair-free head decreases wind resistance and gives you the edge you need. (With the added bonus of no helmet hair.)

5. It spreads charitable cheer

Me in Myanmar

Alopecia attracts a lot of laughter. Now, you could see that as a bad thing – but how about giving yourself a pat on the back for brightening someone’s day? Obviously, I don’t mean those horrible alopecists who are just being mean… but if you give a kid a laugh, well that’s just being nice.


Technically, you can’t have a good one, either. But I digress.

7. Facepaint gets more exciting


A wider canvas brings wider opportunities. And, as a serious glitter/fancy dress practitioner, I salute anything that helps me mix up my style.

8. You’ll never get hair in your food

At least, not your own hair. Although you probably should keep an eye on your plate during the dormant and shedding phase. Embarrassing.

9. You’ll never get chewing gum in your hair

Hey, it’s happened to us all. (Right?!) Luckily, baldness and Bubbalicious don’t mix – so you won’t find yourself in any more sticky situations.

10. You can save on shampoo

shampoo hair

You can afford to get the right one for your hair, because you won’t need much of it. A pea-sized amount will do the trick, helping that bottle last longer. Yay!

That’s the silly stuff.

I did warn you that some were ridiculous! But seriously, having alopecia truly has made my life better. I’ve had some really random and memorable experiences because of it. I’ve been able to help people who are struggling with their own self-esteem issues, and to feel a lovely buzz of warmth in return.

And I’ve learned to not be so concerned with appearance – something that I feel is hugely important in today’s filter-framed world.

Instead, I appreciate what I have, instead of focusing on what I haven’t.

And when these advantages don’t bring a smile to my face, this thought does: I am so much more than just my hair. Hopefully, it’ll provide comfort for you, too.

Lady Alopecia xxx

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