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Hair loss woes? You're not alone. The stars have them, too!

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As you’re about to see, fame does not equal follicles. Because here are 42 famous people with alopecia – and I’m sure there’s lots more! Just click each star’s “hair story” for the full scoop.

Let this list inspire you – and remember that your hair (or lack of it), bears NO reflection on what you can do with your life. If these men and women can triumph through hair loss, so can you!

Sports Stars With Alopecia

They might be good at winning medals and scoring points – but these famous sports stars aren’t great at keeping their hair.

Joanna Rowsell

Joanna Rowsell

Double Olympic Gold Medal Cyclist, Motivational Speaker, Alopecia UK Ambassador.

Ryan Shazier

Retired Pittsburgh Steelers American Footballer Star and Alopecia Awareness Advocate.
Pierluigi Collina

Pierluigi Collina

The Greatest Soccer Referee Ever (according to my husband, Mr Alopecia) and also the baldest.

Heather Fisher

England World Cup Winning Rugby Star, Former Bobsleigher and All-Round Badass.

Joshua Dobbs

NFL Quarterback with the Cleveland Browns and outspoken Alopecia Awareness Campaigner.

Charlie Villanueva

6ft 11in of basketballing genius. The only Alopecian in the NBA's long history (I think!)

Kevin Bull

A former stock broker turned obstacle athlete. An American Ninja Warrior legend.
jonjo shelvey

Jonjo Shelvey

Newcastle and England soccer star; the sometimes bad boy on the pitch has a big heart.

Toby Penty

England's #1 Badminton Player in 2020, Tokyo Olympics Competitor & Alopecia Ambassador.

Staciana Stitts

Olympic Gold-Winning Swimmer and Children's Alopecia Project Spokesperson.

Mike Quade

Long-time Major League Baseball coach and manager who also played Minor League.

Mike Tyson

Former Heavyweight World Champion...and potential alopecian? The jury's still out.

Actors With Alopecia

The silver screen is graced with bald patches, too. Here are my top Tinselstown celebs who rock hair loss!

jada pinkett smith

Jada Pinkett Smith

Actor, singer, presenter, producer, queen of the head wrap and wife to Best Smacktor Will Smith.

Anthony Carrigan

High-rising actor whose hilarious NoHo Hank is the main reason to watch HBO's 'Barry'.

Tómas Lemarquis

Striking and captivating Icelandic/French Actor. Who has had Alopecia Universalis since 13.
viola davis

Viola Davis

Two-time Oscar winner, star of 'How to Get Away with Murder' and long-time alopecian.

Christopher Reeve

Turns out Superman didn't have super hair. The actor had alopecia since he was 16 and often wore wigs.

Neve Campbell

Plagued by stalkers and overworked, the Scream Queen suffered stress-related alopecia in her 20s.

Jimi Mistry

Actor, "love guru" & man of mystery got stress-induced alopecia after a family drama.

Selma Blair

Actor with flair and at times missing hair! Selma first noticed hair loss after treatment for MS.

Kirstin Davis

Read how the Sex and City actor opened up about the thinning of her trademark luscious locks.

Barry Corbin

Veteran TV actor, star of Northern Exposure and Yellowstone, plus long-time alopecian.

Singers With Alopecia

You know when you hear a song that makes the hairs on your neck stand up? These singers don’t have to deal with that often!



This UK songstress, actress and Alopecia UK ambassador appeared in 2021's sci-fi flick Dune.

Tina Turner

An unconfirmed alopecian, this rock goddess' trademark hair was definitely not her own.

Jesy Nelson

At points the former Little Mix singer Jesy had little hair in the mix. She was often bullied as a result.
shaun ryder

Sean Ryder

UK rave legend took to calling himself "Uncle Fester" after alopecia stole his hair.

Models With Alopecia

When your career is built on your looks, what happens when your hair falls out? These beauties took it in their stride.


Jeana Turner

America's Next Top Model contestant and style icon. Sequinned lipstick, YES!

Gail Porter

Former British pin-up model, TV presenter and Downright Badass

Amber Jean Rowan

Irish model and founder of Hair Free. Proud she's my Insta friend!

Tyra Banks

Model, presenter, businesswomen, author and one-woman empire.

Christie Valdiserri

Being an alopecian didn't stop Christie from becoming a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

Naomi Campbell

Supermodel Naomi put her hair through a lot – and suffered traction alopecia as a result.

Other Famous Folk With Alopecia

Their diverse talents mean they don’t fit in a neat box – but their hair might!

Ayanna Pressley

Current Democratic Congresswoman and the first alopecian US President!? Hopefully.

John D. Rockefeller

The one-time "wealthiest person in the world" had a lot of cash...but no hair or eyebrows.

Ricki Lake

From Hairspray to Hairless, the actress/presenter/producer/writer hid her hair loss for 30 years before her big unveil.

Princess Caroline

The glamorous Princess of Monaco lost her locks in 1996, before it was "cool". And she rocked it!

Baldy Jack Rose

Alopecia's very own gangster! Bullied at school before later becoming a big-time bully himself.
edith beale

Edith Beale

"Little Edie" was a socialite, fashion model, alopecian and star of documentary "Grey Gardens".

Have I missed a famous alopecian? Let me know!

Share your comments and thoughts below – and let’s continue to grow this magnificent community of baldies!

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