Top 10 Things About Alopecia: Part 2

Even more benefits of baldness!

So. I already covered 10 advantages of alopecia in my previous post. But it looks like that list wasn’t quite exhaustive!

Turns out that once you pull the thread of alopecia, a lot of stuff unravels. Plenty of bad stuff, sure. But quite a few silver linings, too.

Again, some of the below benefits are pretty silly. But many have made a real difference to my life and have actually helped me to see that alopecia ain’t all doom ‘n’ gloom after all. Phew.

10 more advantages of alopecia

You don’t need to squeeze yourself into a pretzel position, to find a cave to levitate in or to spend years pouring over Buddhist scriptures.

Meditation is accessible to all of us. It’s something we can try every day. Some days will be easy, others will be torture. The thing is, meditation is not something you perfect – rather it’s something you learn from constantly. Keeping a “beginner’s mind”, staying open and curious, is kind of the point.

Note: Contrary to popular belief, meditation is not about clearing your mind. It’s simply about giving your thoughts – and emotions – less power. They’re like passing sensations. They don’t define you.

So whenever your “monkey mind” is racing with a million thoughts, you can learn to let it be. (The Beatles weren’t all just catchy tunes and dodgy haircuts. Apparently, they had some wise words, too.)

1. Headstands are easier

Thanks to my dear friend, Alli, for this very perceptive point!

I love me some inversions in yoga and not having to deal with a pile of hair when I’m on my head makes them a whole lot better. (I’m still working on mine, clearly!)

The same applies to bridge pose, fish pose, shoulder stands, you name it – all are easier without a pesky mop getting in the way.

2. More speed for breakdancing spins

I can’t say that I’ve ever tried this one… but I imagine spinning on your head is easier with a bald ‘n’ shiny nut. Maybe try it under supervision.

3. Massages feel AMAZING!

Since Sri Lanka, I’ve kept up a (pretty much) daily meditation practice. And in my new home of Hoi An, Vietnam, I teach both yoga and meditation – gifts I feel privileged to share.

I’m a big fan of Indian Head Massages. They boost circulation to the scalp, ease tension in the neck and basically leave you feeling all floaty-like. Not to mention all the other benefits of indulging in a massage.

And without any hair to get in the way, you can experience all that subtle finger kneading in its full glory. Yummy.

As for my own practice? Some days I’ll do a seated meditation. Other days, I’ll lie down or stand – luckily, I haven’t fainted again! Sometimes I meditate for half an hour, other times for 5 minutes. I might practice vipassana, mindful meditation, yoga nidra/iRest or metta (the practice of loving kindness). And I’ll usually do a little pranayama (breathwork) beforehand to help me focus.

It isn’t always easy. But the benefits are worth the effort.

4. Free booze!

Yep, my alopecia has landed me some free drinks on a couple of occasions. Apparently, people think I’m brave. (Clearly, they haven’t seen me around rats. Or watching any film with a hint of the supernatural.)


5. You can avoid fire hazards

Ever singed your hair on a candle? Well, happy days – because you’ll never have to smell your own burnt strands again!

Note: Sunburn is an issue, though. So pay attention to the wise words of this song.

6. You can distract security at the airport

At the baggage scanning counter in Kuala Lumpur, the man was so busy saying “nice hair!” that he totally missed my bag going through the machine.

Luckily, I’m a trustworthy gal so nothing was suspect. But still. Same goes for people checking wristbands into festivals. My bald noggin and I can sail on through.

7. The hard part of your Professor X costume is already done

’Nuff said.

8. No need for a hairnet

If you work in food service, you can ditch the granny look and let your baldness be bright. Same thing applies to shower caps. Woohoo!

9. Enjoy super spy powers

With the ability to fit into slightly smaller spaces, who knows what crimes you could prevent?!


10. You can be your own drum kit

Now, that would definitely attract an audience.

BONUS BENEFIT: Better wig wear!

I stopped wearing my “proper” wig just before coming clean about my alopecia. But to many of my friends, I’m known as “the glitter fairy” – and a champion wig wearer, due to my love of fancy dress.

Thanks to my bald nut, these bright ‘n’ colourful beauties are pretty damn comfortable. You can’t see telltale hair underneath, to spoil the mystique. And they even keep me warm for freezing festival nights!

(Not so much fun in the boiling midday heat, though. Ah well.)

Emma at festival

You see? Lots of pros!

Don’t get me wrong. I know there’s a lot of cons, too. And back in the day, these cons were all I could see when I was caught up in the clutches of depression.

But since learning more about mindfulness and gratitude (which I’ll write about soon), I’ve become more of a “glass half full” kinda gal.

I’ve started to appreciate the weird and wonderful things about having alopecia.

You might not be there yet. But trust me, you’ll get there.

Lady Alopecia xxx

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