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Nioxin System 3 Reviews and Recommendations

nioxin system 3

Breakdown and Benefits of System 3

“Third time’s a charm.” That’s what they say, right? Well, there’s a lot of charming things about the third kit in Nioxin’s range of hair regrowth products. And Nioxin system 3 reviews reflect that.

You might’ve tried different brands or systems before now – kissing a lot of frogs, if you will – and now it’s time to meet your Prince.

As with most charmers though, you should be careful about getting blinded by all the good stuff. Exercise a little caution before falling head over heels. Know what you’re getting into before you fully commit.

In this post, I’ll share some honest Nioxin System 3 reviews. And hopefully, they’ll bring your hair a Happy Ever After!

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System 3: A Quick Look


Therapy Conditioner


The Roots of Hair Care

Nioxin Research Laboratories – and its line of hair care products – are the brainchild of a woman called Eva Graham. She began to develop the treatments in the late ’80s after losing some of her own hair post-pregnancy.

Surrounded by nature from childhood, Eva was keen to use these botanical gifts in her formula to support healthy hair growth. With the help of expert scientists and dermatologists, she initially worked out of her bedroom to create these formulas and to set up her business.

eva graham

And Nioxin has grown from its humble roots into a much larger organisation today, now operated by P&G.  

Psst: For more about the company and its background, have a read of this.

Does Nioxin Work? Customer Reviews Say "Yes"!

why me

Before I get into the nuts and bolts of the different systems, let me address the question that’s probably on your mind right now. What every alopecian and person with thinning hair wants to know. Will this product help my hair grow back, or prevent hair loss?

Unfortunately, I can’t give you a direct answer on that one. Because Nioxin did work for me, about 5 years ago, after I had shaved my remaining hair off. It worked that one time… but it didn’t the next.

Similarly, the many Nioxin reviews I’ve read online have been a mixed bunch. Some customers notice hair regrowth after just a couple of weeks and think it’s a miracle product. Others complain about more shedding (which does happen, initially) and that it makes their hair brittle and dry. You might love it or hate it, but you’ll have to try it out to know for sure!

LA Says: Importantly, Nioxin never claims to regrow hair – as opposed to other brands like Keranique or Rogaine. Instead, it simply aims to create a healthy scalp and to remove excess oil/skin/dirt that can clog the hair follicles. The idea is that with a more nourished foundation, the follicles get a better start in life – encouraging strong hair to take root, and stay put.

The 6 Nioxin Systems: Spot The Difference

Although the brand does sell individual products, the most popular choice – and what they recommend to get better results – is a 3-part system or hair repair kit.

What I like about these systems is that they’re quite personalised. So if you have fine hair and heavy thinning, there’s a kit for you. Conversely, if you have thick hair but just a little thinning, there’s a kit for you, too.

The different systems contain subtle differences in their ingredients and formulas – so make sure you buy the one that most closely matches your hair type and circumstances.

The available systems are:

  • Kit 1: Recommended for fine hair and light thinning. Read more here
  • Kit 2: Designed for fine hair with with progressed thinning. Read more here
  • Kit 3: Who this post is for – those with colour-treated, lightly thinning locks.
  • Kit 4: Try this if your colour-treated mane starts shedding more. Learn more
  • Kit 5: Use chemical treatments (like perms or bleach) regularly? More about System 5
  • Kit 6: Also for chemically treated hair, but with excessive loss. Check it out!

Wanna give your head a hug?!

Nioxin System 3 Reviews: What’s Involved?

If you’re using System 3, that means you dye your hair. Which can cause it to look nice ‘n’ shiny on the outside – but might be doing it internal damage. 

Luckily, System 3 uses a formula to replenish tired, ill-treated locks and to make your scalp happy again. Yay!

All it takes is 3 simple steps and 3 products to work its magic.

Step 1: Clean up Your Scalp

To give your head a break from all those chemicals, the System 3 shampoo includes the following natural ingredients:

  • Peppermint oil
  • Menthol
  • Mentha Arvensis Leaf Oil
  • Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract
  • Fennel Extract
  • Biotin (aka Vitamin H)


Now, it does contain less natural ingredients, including sulfates. However, like this post concludes, sulfates may not be as bad as they’re cracked up to be. And they certainly give your hair a thorough cleansing!

Any Nioxin System 3 reviews which mention redness of the scalp may have been submitted by those with sensitive scalps. I did experience some redness and tingling, too – from the natural ingredients like peppermint oil, probably – but I actually quite enjoyed the sensation!

To use: Massage daily into wet hair – or every second day, if you are more sensitive to the shampoo. Rub it gently into the scalp and throughout your hair before rinsing clean.

The Lady recommends...

Nioxin System 3 Cleanser

Step 2: Add a Conditioning Kiss

I absolutely love this oh-so-creamy conditioner, which is called “scalp therapy” for good reason! Cooling and nourishing, it’s the perfect follow-up to the minty shampoo, acting like a gentle balsam to calm down that redness.

For some people, especially those with hair that’s on the fine side, it might be a little heavy. But remember, you only need to use a little bit!

Particularly if you dye your hair regularly, this baby is essential for restoring any damage. And with the lovely gloss it creates, your colour will pop even more!

To use: Smooth a pea-sized amount through your locks and leave it in for 2–3 minutes before rinsing.

The Lady recommends...

Nioxin System 3 Therapy

Step 3: Treat Your Scalp & Hair

If you have a sensitive scalp, you can use the shampoo and conditioner every second day. However, I’d really recommend using this Scalp & Hair Treatment daily. 

Why? Well, because it protects your noggin from harm! The lightweight mousse contains SPF and the sci-fi sounding technologies BioAmp and Glyco-Shield. They protect your scalp from environmental factors like pollution and heat – while a range of antioxidants aim to reverse any damage already caused. Go, team!

I experienced the most redness on my scalp from using this product. So I liked to apply it at night, before going to bed – or at least 30 minutes before leaving the house.

To use: Spray a small amount onto towel-dried hair – if you’ve still got a considerable mop, divide it into sections first. Rub the solution into the scalp, then through to the ends. Leave it in instead of rinsing.

The Lady recommends...

Nioxin System 3 Scalp and Hair Treatment

Which is the best Nioxin System? A Buyer’s Guide


So much choice, right? And maybe you still don’t know which system is best suited to your hair type after reading my overview of the different kits above. (In which case, this consultation tool might help.)

But maybe you chemically treat and dye your hair. What then? Well, in that case, I’d recommend talking to your hairdresser about the system that most closely matches your hair type. Any salon worth their salt will know all about Nioxin!

LA Says: Remember, this post – and System 3 – is directed at those who dye their hair and whose thinning is relatively light. So there is no such thing as the “best Nioxin system – simply that system 3 might be the one that best suits your type.

What Other Products Are There?

Like I mentioned earlier, Nioxin did work for me in the past. But I didn’t just use a 3-part system. I used a few other products for up to 3 months, too.

These included:

Where To Buy Nioxin System 3...

All 6 systems are available from Nioxin.com. You can also find them – for much cheaper – on Amazon, where you can choose to try a “starter pack” with smaller bottles while you test it out.

Just make sure the retailer you’re buying from gets good reviews as some stockists have been accused of filling bottles with fake products… eek! Same goes for buying the systems from Walmart or Target – if they seem ridiculously cheap, they’re probably not the real deal.

Of course, you could spend more and get them from the manufacturer. Or check out their “salon finder” to find places that stock Nioxin near you.

Common Questions

This is a tricky one. I stopped using it when my hair grew back… but then my hair started falling out again. So if you start using Nioxin and notice an improvement, you might need to keep it up.

Luckily, it won’t cost you a fortune to do so. You can get the full System 3 on Amazon for $45. And it lasts for ages.

In my case, I noticed healthier and shinier hair after just 2 weeks, but it took longer for those fuzzy vellus hairs to show. After 3 months of continuous use, I had a full head of hair again. For others, it will take longer – in fact, 6 months is the recommended minimum time of use.

It can, initially. This is because the scalp is ridding itself of unwanted “dead” hair, in order to replenish the follicles and allow healthier strands to emerge. Just like hair loss, hair growth is a process. It follows a distinct cycle, so try to be patient while it gets back on track.


Charmed, I’m Sure!

I really hope that in your case, third time  – and the third system – will be a charm. That you’ve found your perfect match. And that even if it doesn’t magically regrow your hair, at least it will make your existing hair shinier and healthier, with more volume to help cover those bald spots.

And if you don’t have any hair, maybe it will help with nourishing your scalp… at the very least, bringing a refreshing, tingly sensation to your morning shower!

If you do try it and experience some success – or even if you don’t – you’re welcome to share your thoughts below. Good luck!

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