Nanohair Serum Review

A Scam in Shiny Packaging?

I’ve tried hair growth serums in the past and seen a little success. When I used Vegamour serum on my disappearing eyebrow, it even helped it grow back!

But I’m wary of any brands that outright promise hair growth. Having fallen for a lot of false promises in the past, and spent a fortune in the process, I’m more likely to believe brands like Revita, who talk about giving the appearance of thicker hair and promoting healthier hair, rather than claims of fast regrowth.

Nanohair do quite the opposite. On their website, they claim their hair serum is “formulated to produce 17,000 new hair strands in 1 month.” Plus, that these effects are permanent.

Sounds like they’re pretty confident in their product – but with good reason? In this Nanohair review, I’ll talk about their formula, my concerns about scams (based on fake reviews), plus some alternatives to this hair growth treatment kit.

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What is Nano Hair?

Nanohair are a Turkish brand, who distribute their hair loss treatments throughout Europe, the US and Canada. The product? A box of multiple hair serums and an applicator, which the brand behind the serums calls “miraculous”. Although the hair treatment is aimed primarily at men, Nanohair is suitable for women, too.

The serum contained in each teeny bottle aims to reanimate stagnant hair follicles, boost circulation to the scalp and kickstart the anagen (growth) phase of the hair cycle. It also promises to “crucially reduce” hair loss.

Nanohair certainly aren’t as polished as brands like Vegamour or Revita in their marketing. English isn’t their first language and their website, laden with grammatical errors and peculiar turns of phrase, comes across a little scammy.

Nanohair also reveal as few details or scientific evidence as possible, while making grandiose claims. Like when they promise to produce 17,000 new hair strands – and that their serum significantly stops hair loss after just 1 month, with “permanent effects”.

Ingredients & Benefits

I don’t believe in giving people false hope (like these guys clearly do). Hair loss can be triggered by various environmental and physical factors – so to promise miracle results like this, in such a short space of time…it feels misleading.

Still, the serum does contain great ingredients – many of which have been proven in animal and human studies to reduce hair shedding and promote hair growth. Nanohair’s formula includes 19 different herbal extracts and is free from, what they call, harmful chemicals.

The star ingredients include:

  • Saw Palmetto: Also present in my favorite hair supplement, Folexin, saw palmetto helps to block DHT, a hormone closely linked to hair loss – in particular, male pattern baldness. With a DHT blocking formula, Nanohair works to balance hormones and allow hair follicles to stay open to produce new hair.
  • Goji Berry: As well as being a tasty addition to smoothies, goji berries can actually support hair health because they’re anti-bacterical, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory – exactly the properties we need to create a healthier scalp environment.
  • Capixyl: Another DHT blocker, this complex of biomimetic peptides and red clover extract works to minimize thinning hair and promote stronger, thicker hair.
  • Grapeseed Oil: A superantioxidant that also blocks DHT while restoring your hair’s natural shine.


The herbal extracts also include: aloe vera juice (which I personally recommend as a natural way to reduce hair loss), horse chestnut seed extract, coconut oil, tea plant, sage, nettle leaf and a bunch more natural goodies for invigorating your scalp. The serum is also free from parabens or sulfates. Happy days.

How to Use Nanohair

Apply the serum every 3 days:

Step 1: Prepare the serum bottle and applicator as outlined in your pack

Step 2: Once you’ve attached the applicator to the bottle, apply the treatment all over your scalp and massage it in with your fingertips

Step 3: Wash your hair after 15 minutes

Each pack contains 10 bottles of serum and an applicator – so one pack will last you a month, if you use a different bottle every 3 days.

Although Nanohair’s website features before and after pictures of men (sprouting crazy amounts of hair from each head), they also say their serums are suitable for women.

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Is it a Scam? Customer Reviews

Nanohair includes several male customer reviews on their website, all in stilted English, over a 2-week period in April, 2021. I smell a payout…

Plus, there’s a doctored image from TrustPilot, giving Nanohair a 4.5 rating based on over 34K reviews. I know this is a fake because has ONE review on TrustPilot – and that reviewer only gave it one star:

It’s snake oil, it doesn’t work…lots of fake reviews on their website, their 5* trustpilot reviews as shown on the website is also fake…the money back guarantee vanished from the website after purchasing.

– Richie Austin, March 2022.

Lots to be concerned about here – not only the fact that it doesn’t work or that the company are faking reviews so blatantly, but that they promise a full refund only to have this section vanish after purchase! 

Of 27 Amazon reviews at time of writing, Nanohair scores 3.5 – so, not very well. Admittedly, some of the reviewers had only been using it for 2 months but another, who had been using Nanohair for 9 months, hadn’t noticed much of a difference, either. So, not exactly the incredible regrowth they’re advertising after a month!

What Are My Alternatives?

I’m glad you asked! Honestly, I don’t recommend Nanohair – maybe your hair salon will tell you different, and that’s great, ask them about it! But I have zero faith in the brand after looking at these fake reviews, or their claims about miraculous regrowth in only 30 days.

Other cons include the fact that there are 10 disposable bottles per pack – not exactly eco-friendly, guys!

So check out my 5 favorite serums for hair growth in this post, or the below serums with a far better reputation:

1. Vegamour Gro or Gro+ Serum

I love Vegamour. I’ve used their scalp serums, serums for eyebrow and eyelashes, shampoo and conditioner, even their biotin gummies! I love how the products smell, how they’re packaged, the fact that they’re vegan, natural and sulfate free…and their customer service is fantastic.

Using their GRO serum brought fuzzy white vellus hair back to my bald scalp after just a few weeks. It didn’t progress into thicker hair – but I probably wasn’t consistent enough with its application as my partner kept sneezing whenever I’d used it! Vegamour isn’t cheap but in my experience, it’s pretty damn good.

vegamour serum

2. Nioxin

Another brand that’s helped me, yet a less natural option than the other products here. When I used Nioxin, I went for a large range of products: and the scalp treatment, which is recommended in conjunction with their shampoo and conditioner, helped my hair grow back.

It’s not technically a serum – but it is a leave-in treatment that I’d recommend for thinning hair. Bear in mind though, Nioxin contains sulfates and parabens these days – so it might not be for everyone. For my top sulfate-free brands, see this post.

3. Revita Hair Serum with Nanoxidil

I haven’t tried this serum – yet! – but I’m a massive fan of Revita. I love their shampoo and conditioner, which helped my hair grow without any nasty side effects. It’s super-affordable and again, great customer service!

Revita is my top shampoo for hair loss so I’m keen to try their serums, too.

Bottle of Revita Growth Serum with Nanoxidil

Common Questions

Yes, although it’s possibly even more effective for those with fine hair or thin hair – as Nanohair helps boost volume and provide thicker, stronger hair.

A pack of 10 bottles (1 month’s supply) is just under $40 on Amazon. In my opinion, that price isn’t worth it.

Final Thoughts: Be A Smart Shopper!

There are so many hair loss brands out there, it’s hard to know who to trust. For the big-spending brands, it’s easy to be sold on their promises of hair growth and “a new, better you” just because they’ve the marketing bucks to make you feel like you need it.

My top tip for searching for a brand you can trust? Look for one that doesn’t make any false promises, like Vegamour or Revita. Another tip is: do your research – this review helps but read more! Read ones on Amazon and Trustpilot and consider whether they are paid reviews or whether they’re genuine.

Finally, I’d advise you to shop with caution. Don’t be taken in by money-back guarantees or auto-ship policies, which often turn out to be scams.

Start off with a single bottle, and if you like the product and the brand, then continue with more. Honestly, I’ve wasted a fortune over the years on hair loss treatments, not to mention the mental energy involved in trying yet another new thing – I don’t want the same for you!

So think before you buy, consider other ways you can support hair growth – like with your gut health – and feel free to contact me, or leave a comment below if you need further support.

Love & hugs,

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6 Responses

  1. I’ve tried Nutrafol, spectral DNC, and nano hair, followed all directions for 3-4 months and not a spec of hair growth, no denser, not thicker, nothing different.

    1. Hi Michael, I’m sorry to hear that nothing is working for you so far. Unfortunately, there are multiple causes of hair loss so it can be a long process, trying to treat it. And as we’re all different, what works for me may not for you! Other measures you can take to reduce inflammation in the body and encourage regrowth involve lifestyle habits…maybe looking at your gut health, if that helps or trying some stress-relieving activities. I certainly found, that once I stopped fixating so much on my hair and flitting about between treatments, that’s when it actually started to come back!

      I hope the same will be true for you. Wishing you all the very best!


    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your experience, that’s awful! Thank you for sharing what happened here though, hopefully other people who read it will receive the warning too and stay clear of Nanohair!

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