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As a lady who’s been battling hair loss for two-thirds of her life, I know how frustrating a condition like alopecia is. And I’d be quite tempted to try a hair regrowth product that’s designed specifically for those experiencing female hair loss, such as Keranique For Women.

If you’ve read my full review of Keranique products, you’ll know that the brand seems to be a “love it or hate it” kind of deal. Because it works for lots of women – and it doesn’t for many others.

In this post, I’ll include both sides of the argument. So if you’re a bald gal in search of an alopecia shampoo, you can decide whether this is the one for you.

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What is Keranique?

Keranique proudly market themselves as the number one-selling hair regrowth system for women in the U.S. They sell products through infomercials, partner salons, through their own website and other online retailers.

Their whole set-up is quite gimmicky – hence the infomercials – but it does seem to work. It’s a hugely popular line of products, even amongst those without alopecia. (For instance, friends of mine with thinning hair swear by Keranique.)

And even though I’ve only used the shampoo before, I would be tempted to try the complete system… although, having experienced bad headaches from using minoxidil before, I’d stay clear of their Hair Regrowth Treatment.

What Products Are Available?

Although Keranique now offers a range of styling and volumizing products, they’re best-known for the original four products of the Keranique Hair Regrowth System.

Scalp Stimulating Shampoo: A hair thickening shampoo that boosts circulation to the scalp while reducing excess sebum.

Volumizing Keratin Conditioner: A gel-based treatment that includes a protein called keratin to improve the structure of follicles.

Lift & Repair Treatment Spray: Replenishes the natural keratin in your hair, while taming frizzy hair and helping it shine.

Hair Regrowth Treatment: Includes 2% minoxidil to encourage growth of new hair.

For a full explanation of these products, read my Keranique reviews post. Otherwise, read on to see why they’re great for women!

Why Is Keranique Good For Women?

where to buy nioxin

If you’re a man reading this and you’re thinking: “That’s not fair, I want a hair loss treatment too!” – don’t worry. Keranique could work wonders for you, too.

But the company does bang on about how it’s “designed for women’s unique hair needs”. And their clinical studies to test the products’ effectiveness focused solely on women, too.

The results of those, according to, were this:

  • 100% of the women surveyed agreed that Keranique strengthened their hair, added shine and made it less limp
  • 86% said it encouraged the growth of healthier, fuller-looking hair
  • 90% said it visibly volumized their hair


They all sound like fairly high stats to me – but of course, that was the company’s independent study so not exactly objective. 

Still, I like Keranique’s female-first approach… 

Because lots of other hair loss products – like Rogaine – are formulated for men. These treatments, which are really for male pattern baldness, often list women as beneficiaries simply to cater to a wider market. 

But Keranique is specifically for women with thinning hair – which it promises to make thicker, healthier and fuller. Hey, thanks!

And while I don’t really believe the claims that its formula is designed to work purely with female biochemistry, I sort of admire this aspirational approach! You never know, maybe it does…

My Top Supplement for Alopecia?

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Why I Think Women Want It

In Lady Alopecia’s humble opinion, women love Keranique for the following reasons:

Shiny “before and after” pics

Say you’re a woman with thinning hair and low self-esteem. Then Keranique shows you your potential “after” photo – all swingy locks and beaming confidence. It’d be hard not to bite!

The styling products

The Lift and Repair Treatment Spray, the thickening and texturizing mousse and the marula oil hair mist all get great reviews in terms of adding volume, bounce and shine. So in addition to its “lather, rinse, repeat and treat” steps, Keranique also offers a full line of styling products for women.

However, if you have chemically treated or colored hair, you might like to try something like Nioxin instead.

Word of mouth

Women talk, right? Right. In fact, my hairdresser friend first recommended Keranique to me. Loads of salons use these products. And they know what they’re doing! Keranique is known and loved by many women. Which makes other women want to try it.

Testimonials: Word On The Street

word on the street

Well, it’s a mixed bag, really!

According to Diane S (on the manufacturer’s site):

“Keranique makes me feel youthful & beautiful. Keranique is the true fountain of youth that every woman should try. I have the most beautiful hair I have ever had in my whole life.”

But that’s on their website. Of course they’d only show the positive things. 😉

Still, plenty of other reviewers on Amazon agree. Some mention how it helped with hair regrowth after an illness. Others can’t believe the difference in their hair quality, texture and volume after a couple of weeks.

But there are others who see no difference after months of use, calling the system “a very expensive experiment”. Not to mention the numerous women who have been deceived by the auto-ship policy and complain that it wasn’t clear.

So, some happy female customers, some pretty pissed off ones!

Final Thoughts: Which Woman Are You?

Someone who loves Keranique… or someone who hates it? Or have you tried it and use it alongside something else, like the popular brand Pura D’Or or Revita, one of my favorite natural shampoos for thinning hair?

If you’ve tried Keranique for women before and you know the answer, please share your experiences below. I’d love to hear them!

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