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What Has Yoga Got To Do With Alopecia??

You might ask. Well, I’ve dedicated a full page to yoga on my hair loss website because I’m more than just a baldie who likes to write about being bald. I’m also a yoga and meditation teacher who likes to write about… well, yoga and meditation!

You see, ever since I started practising yoga, meditation and mindfulness, I’ve learnt to accept that which I can’t change. 

Nowadays, I’m able to rock my bald patches with pride. To take the knocks of life in my stride. And this is largely down to the grounding, calming qualities of a regular yoga and meditation practice.

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LA Says: Yoga for hair loss is one of the cheapest, healthiest treatments you can try! It can teach you to be more comfortable in yourself – exactly as you are. Whether that’s with or without hair. 😉

What Is Yoga, Anyway?

There’s more to yoga than stretching. Or standing on your head. Or trying to wrap your leg around your head.

LA Says: The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit “yuj” – which is also the root of the English word “yoke”. It means to join or to unite. So yoga is the union, or the connection, between your mind, body and breath. Without that union, you really are just stretching! 😉

My teacher said that yoga involves “function over form”. So it’s not the shape you make but the experience you have making it that matters. Yoga also involves:

  • Breathwork (pranayama)
  • Meditation/Mindfulness
  • The practice of metta (sending loving kindness – towards yourself and others)

So the physical postures are only one aspect of it.

Which means, even if you’re unable to do the physical postures (asanas), you can still benefit from breathing exercises. Or from meditation, or positive thinking.

You see? Yoga is for everyone! And it’s especially great for anyone with a stress-related condition like alopecia.

Lady Alopecia in a headstand

Yoga For Hair Loss: And So Much More

Yoga has helped me to accept my alopecia. Even to be grateful for the lessons it teaches me. It also makes me aware/mindful of the times when I’m feeling anything but “accepting and grateful”!

As well as helping me handle the stress and anxiety of hair loss, yoga brings the following to my life… 

An Alopecia Warrior in Warrior 2 pose!
  • Improved flexibility, strength and tone. I can’t wrap either leg around my head. (But I can touch my toes. Yay!)
  • Better balance. I’m clumsy by nature. But yoga means I fall over way less. (If only it could improve my spatial awareness!)
  • A way of staying grounded. When life gets a little too hectic or “up in the air”, yoga brings me back down to earth. I can plant my feet firmly on the ground – or the mat – and remain unswayed by my environment. (Y’see? Balance!)
  • A wonderful community. Yoga has introduced me to some amazingly supportive, kind and open-minded people. They are my tribe. 🙂

Yoga helps me every day. Now, I’m not saying that everyone needs an intensive 2-hour practice daily. Even a few minutes can work wonders.

Because I notice how much I need yoga for hair loss – and everything else – when I don’t do it for a while. I feel irritable or lethargic, anxious or down.

And so, even on my worst days, I try and bring myself to the mat – even if it’s only for those few minutes, and even if it’s just to breathe in a single pose.

LA Says: I never regret practising yoga. Because when I’m ready to step back off the mat and into the world, it always looks brighter when I do. 🙂

Simply Put, Yoga Makes Me Smile

And I’m sure it can help you smile, too. Hence the reason for this page. 🙂

Stay tuned for posts about meditation and mindfulness, the different yoga styles available and where you might go for yoga classes in my current home of Hoi An, Vietnam.

Because like I said, Lady Alopecia is just part of who I am. The yoga teacher part of me is here to empower and inspire that other part of you – maybe a part you haven’t yet connected with.

So I’ll be sharing tips and info to help you on your yoga journey. And don’t worry if you haven’t started yet; it’s one that lasts a lifetime!

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