Where’s The Safest Place to Buy Nutrafol?

It may come as a surprise!

Nutraceutical Wellness Inc are hair health industry leaders. They make a range of supplements for men and women, at different stages of life with notable changes in hormones – like during the postpartum period or menopause.

Nutrafol is different from many other hair growth vitamins in that it offers a super-targeted approach to reduce hair thinning and fight hair loss. It does this by addressing six of the root causes of hair loss.

So whether you’ve got hormone related hair loss or metabolism related hair loss, Nutrafol has supplements and boosters that address your specific needs – which you can read about in my full Nutrafol review.

However… Although I think Nutrafol could genuinely improve hair growth, the reviews are pretty shocking around their customer service.

So in this post, I’ll recommend where to buy Nutrafol – with some safer options than ordering from their website.

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Benefits of Nutrafol Hair Supplements

Does Nutrafol work? If you’re going to fork out a hefty chunk of cash every month, you’d probably want a fair shot at renewed hair growth.

I can’t say for certain whether any hair supplement will restore hair growth for good – but Nutrafol’s natural ingredients and key amino acids work pretty hard to reduce hair thinning and support healthy hair growth.

Nutrafol ingredients differ slightly depending on the hair growth supplement (which depend on your sex or stage of life). There’s Nutrafol Women, which is for women aged 18–14 experiencing hair thinning. Nutrafol Women’s Balance is for women over 45, with added natural ingredients like maca and extra saw palmetto to help them through the hormonal changes of menopause.

There’s also Nutrafol Postpartum to assist new mums during the first year postpartum, with extra vitamins and stress adaptogens that are suitable for breastfeeding. And Nutrafol Men, with added saw palmetto to tackle thinning hair due to aging and changing hormones, while visibly improving hair thickness and scalp coverage from the hair follicles.

Although they promote healthy hair growth in different ways, these supplements share common benefits.

These benefits include…

  • Addressing the root causes of thinning hair – including stress, hormone imbalances and inflammation – focusing on nutraceutical wellness to promote better hair health and a stronger immune system
  • 100% drug-free and hormone-free formula, with medical grade natural ingredients that work to support a healthy hair growth cycle, right from the hair follicle
  • Natural DHT blocker: DHT stands for dihydrotestosterone, the androgen hormone commonly linked to hair loss, which causes hair follicles to shrink. Saw palmetto prevents this from happening by blocking the enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT
  • Reducing oxidative stress in the body with medicinal herbs like ashwagandha, clinically proven to reduce anxiety and elevated cortisol levels
  • Improving general hair health with organic kelp, marine collagen peptides, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, a tocotrienol complex (from E vitamins) and plenty of bio optimized botanical ingredients to promote scalp health and offer visibly thicker, stronger hair.


Sounds too good to be true, right? Well…maybe it is. Because while I love how these supplements get to the root causes of hair loss and have great ingredients to support scalp health, lower stress, balance hormones and reduce shedding, there is a BIG caveat to making Nutrafol part of your hair growth regime.

And that’s if you order direct.

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That's my dodgy face, btw!

The Danger of Ordering Direct

Normally, I’d recommend buying directly from the manufacturer’s website. This is because sometimes Amazon suppliers can’t be trusted (packaging gets damaged, the formula inside is different, etc) and at least when ordering direct, you know you’re getting the real deal.

This is all well and good when the brand has a good reputation. Take Folexin, for instance, who make great supplements to promote hair growth. I’d buy them from Folexin’s website because a) their customer service is prompt and reliable, b) there isn’t a scammy autoship program and c) you can get better discounts when you buy from them.

I’ve also bought hair thinning shampoos, serums and gummies directly from Vegamour. Not only did I see new growth on both my scalp and my disappearing eyebrow, I found their customer service to be fantastic, too.

Whereas lots of people complain about Nutrafol’s customer service.

Two reviewers managed to improve hair growth by taking Nutrafol Women and Nutrafol Women’s Balance – but when they tried to cancel after a few months, the option simply wasn’t available. And the so-called ‘customer service’ desk even hung up on one woman!

See this post for more negative reviews, but basically what happens is that people get signed up to an autoship program that they can’t cancel. Then they can’t get through to an actual human to complain – just a frustrating chatbot – and they end up spending a fortune trying to cancel their subscription.

Nutrafol doesn’t come cheap, at $88 a bottle, and when you can’t get through to someone for several months trying to cancel your subscription…well, that’s an expensive bind to be in. And a high price to pay for thinning hair.

Can a Supplement Help Alopecia?

Sure it can! Check out my top supplement for hair loss.

Buying on Amazon

In certain cases, when I don’t have much faith in the brand (but I do in the product they make), I’ll recommend buying on Amazon instead.

Both Keranique and Shapiro MD, two companies that make great products to reduce thinning hair and support hair growth, have racked up a lot of complaints about their autoship programs – so I advise people to buy their supply elsewhere instead.

You can buy Nutrafol products through their dedicated store on Amazon. Yes, you’d still be supporting the brand, but you don’t have to sign up for a subscription service – you can just buy however many bottles you like in one go.

There’s also a payment plan option, to spread the cost of your purchase over a few months using the Affirm app.

Alternatives to Nutrafol

If you’re still not comfortable in risking your hard-earned cash on Nutrafol, I get it. So here are a couple of cheaper options that you might like to try instead.

Again, don’t expect hair growth miracles but they can give you stronger hair and nails, an energy boost, plus a visibly thicker mane until your hair does decide to grow again. Yay!

Folexin: My Top Choice

Much, much cheaper than Nutrafol and with some of the same great ingredients to support healthy hair growth, like biotin and saw palmetto. Plus, they’ve got awesome customer service according to the reviews…and many Lady Alopecia readers have written to me saying how Folexin helped their own hair growth.

You can buy Folexin on Amazon but in this case, I’d recommend getting it direct from their website.

Viviscal: Customer Fave

A hugely popular brand, leading the hair health industry forward with marine proteins like shark cartilage and mollusk powder to help with hair growth, scalp health and increased volume. In addition to their supplements, Viviscal make a range of shampoos, conditioners, serums and scalp exfoliators.

Although Viviscal clocks up over 16K reviews on Amazon, with most of them hugely positive, they’re not suitable for anyone with a fish or shellfish allergy, or who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

I’d also recommend buying Viviscal from the manufacturer’s website – as there are some complaints on Amazon about a different formula, and the pack people received being only half the potency as the ones they bought previously from Viviscal.

viviscal hair supplements

Vegamour: Tasty Gummies

If chewable are more your thing, treat yo’self to these natural strawberry flavored gummies. I’m a big fan of Vegamour anyway and after taking these gummies, loaded with vitamins, biotin, collagen and MCT oil, I noticed a massive improvement in my mood and energy.

I had to stop taking them after 3 weeks, because I was pregnant and had to avoid Vitamin A – but customer reviews talk about positive hair growth results! Again, best deals are through their website – although if you live in the UK, you could get hit with import taxes that aren’t made clear on Vegamour’s website. In which case, maybe try Viviscal instead.

vegamour gummies

Final Thoughts: Don’t Go There!

I think Nutrafol could be really effective for boosting hair growth. Their ingredient list is impressive, they target the root causes of shedding, rather than offering a ‘catch-all solution’ and from the many reviews I’ve traweled through, people think the high price tag is worth it.

BUT the reviews around their autoship program and customer service, particularly on Trustpilot, give me a pretty bad feeling about Nutrafol. As does the fact that the company gets a VERY low rating of F grade from the Better Business Bureau. So honestly, I don’t have a lot of faith in this brand.

I’d recommend trying one of the alternative supplements I mention above or, if you’re really keen to buy Nutrafol, please just avoid their subscription service on their website. Get it as a one-time purchase, buy it on Amazon or see if your local salon stocks Nutrafol.

It’s definitely “better safe than sorry” in this case – and we don’t want you having to cope with being scammed as well as losing your hair.

So proceed with caution…and if you end up using Nutrafol (or you have in the past), I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments!

Love & hugs,

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