Happy International
Women’s Day!

Enjoy this little gift from Lady Alopecia: a 20-minute guided yoga nidra meditation. Yoga nidra means ‘yogic sleep’ and it’s a therapeutic, restorative form of meditation that brings you deep into your consciousness to ‘plant the seeds’ of positivity and compassion.

There’s no effort involved – you can do this lying down on your bed, or on a yoga mat – and just allow my voice to guide you on this deeply relaxing journey. It’s ok if you fall asleep, sometimes that’s just what the body needs!

Extra notes:

  • The recording is best played through earphones but it’s ok through your speakers either!
  • Enjoy this at any time of day, whenever you need a ‘time out’ to relax
  • Have 2 pillows to hand – one for under your head, the other for below your knees – and a light blanket to cover yourself. 

Once you feel nice ‘n’ comfy, hit the button below. Enjoy!

Psst...Wanna feel even more relaxed?

Liked your free meditation? Want to learn other practical tools to help you during your alopecia journey? 

Then check out my special Yoga for Alopecia course, starting soon! Including gentle yoga, healing breathwork practices and mindful meditations, this 4-week online course is designed to reduce inflammation, boost self-esteem/confidence and help you come to terms with alopecia, whatever stage you’re at.

Plus, get a 15% discount off the course when you use my special IWD code: IWDyoga at checkout.

What my students said...

I loved this course. Emma is such a fantastic instructor, I learned so much and just really enjoyed being guided by her. The content was good and easy to navigate and understand and also very timely for what I’ve been personally going through. 
– Michelle T, California

A complete novice to Yoga, it has been an amazing journey – both physically and spiritually.  Emma is a wonderful teacher, knowledgeable and generous in her help and information. The course itself is so beautifully put together. The benefits of yoga and connecting with others in the same position has been empowering and enlightening. I’m stronger going out of December than going in!
– Patricia O’Malley, Dublin / London