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How To Find Nioxin...

Your Quick Guide To Snap Up Shampoo

Got cash burning a hole in your pocket? Got bald patches spreading their way across your head? You’re in luck, friend! (Well, apart from the patches. I know what that’s like.)

But with some cash to spend on a hair loss solution, you’ve come to the right place. Because in this post, I’ll show you where to buy Nioxin.

Nioxin: Where To Buy It

Lots of people are turning to Nioxin as a hair thinning or hair loss solution. Why? Well, because it’s one of the most effective treatments out there. Check out this post to learn more.

Still, many users of the stuff are a little wary of it. Because you can buy Nioxin in lots of places. And the danger of this is that many manufacturers are selling cheap or knock-off products that look exactly like the originals.

The fake versions are full of harsh ‘n’ harmful chemicals, which can actually cause more damage than good. Eek!

Quick Links

Fake news – almost as big a problem as fake shampoo.

Apparently, diversion in hair care products is a common enough problem and one you should be wary of. So maybe that’s why, when I bought cheap Nioxin from eBay before, it didn’t have the same results as the first time I used it!

Don’t take the cheapie route. It isn’t worth it and it’ll end up costing you more in the long run – maybe even your hair!

3 Places I’d Recommend

Reduce your risk of being scammed and get your Nioxin directly from the following places:

The most expensive option, maybe, but at least you’re sure that you’re getting the genuine product! Check out Nioxin.com

2. From your local hair salon

This is what I did when I started using Nioxin. I got a pretty good discount and again, was sure that the system I bought was genuine!

Ok, so obviously Amazon will have some fake versions, too. But this is definitely your cheapest option. And if you do your research, you can get the real deal for a lot less! So check out the reviews for whoever’s selling it and maybe buy a trial kit to test it out first.

That way, if you’re happy with the results, you can always order more. Sweet.

Click the button below for a seller I’d recommend. They also sell a starter kit and the most recent reviews are especially encouraging!

What To Look Out For

1. If it swims like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

Could be a fake duck. Who knows...

You got it. It’s probably a duck! But let’s put the farm animals analogies aside for a moment. 😉

If you’ve used Nioxin products before, you’ll know how they look, smell and feel on your scalp. Nioxin contains white tea extract and peppermint oil, so it smells minty fresh. (Yummy!) Anything else, and it’s probably a fake.

Note: If you do experience redness on your scalp or a tingling sensation, that’s ok – that’s what it’s meant to do. 😉

2. Crazy discounts that seem too good to be true…

Go girls! Badass alopecia totalis mannequins representin'...

Because they usually are. Unfortunately, most major online retailers, chain pharmacies, and large grocery stores are not authorised to carry salon products. So even though you see Nioxin on offer, for next to nothing, at your local Target, there’s probably a reason behind it.

Wholesalers can afford to offer these products at such a “bargain” because they may have diluted the originals, blended them with alcohol and harsh chemicals and re-bottled them in packaging that pretty much looks the same. Very shady stuff, but it does happen.

However, plenty of stockists are in a position to offer genuine products. So if you trust the retailer you’re ordering from, or if you trust the reviews, then go ahead. You can usually check whether they’re an authorised retailer with a little background digging, and some suppliers will include a list of ingredients in their product description, too.

Conclusion: Buyers Beware…

If it’s ridiculously cheap, don’t fall for it. If it smells different to what you’ve used before, don’t risk it. Or if you can’t understand the language on the back of the bottle (including the ingredients), don’t bother.

You get what you pay for. So beware of “economy savers” and get the valuable stuff instead. Follow Lady Alopecia’s advice on where to buy Nioxin and I can assure you, it’ll be money well spent!

Lady Alopecia xxx

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